Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

hey y'all
another week done and gone.... 
still going strong... its good to hear that everyone is doing good, mom you need to get rid of that cold.... but yet so do I, I have a really bad sore throat and I've been coughing up mucus for the past few days... I love the winter but I hate getting sick!!!
this week has been good and continues to do so... I can't wait for Christmas to finally get here so I can Skype y'all for awhile.... I've been kind of counting down the days.
Is it getting cold there yet? its getting to be below freezing down here and I could really use some thermals and a sweatshirt that pulls over... how's the photo album coming along??
y'all know how they say that all of your companion's are suppose to resemble your wife some day.... well that sucks, because my companion now is really now that I finally figured out how to read him, now being with him another transfer. he's definitely a preppy kid along with the rest of the district, fun fact they are all from the same county and all from Utah.... I dislike missionary's from "Utah" they think that they are better then everyone else... and its a good thing I can't be mean to people, cause I don't want to be transferred nor do I want to be sent home by any means.....
this transfer has been great other then the district being full up stuck up kids... its been awesome I love this ward and all of the folks that are in it.
I honestly can't wait to Skype home I miss each and every one of y'all so much!!! I'm glade that I get be comforted by the power of prayer and the savior through all that I do. tell everyone that has been asking about me back home in the ward that I'm doing fine and that I love being out here. if they have any other questions please have them email me and I'll be happy to talk with them:)
this next transfer meeting is going to suck if I have to go because its exactly a week before Christmas and I really don't want to leave this area till maybe next transfer.... and then maybe not even then. please keep me in all of y'alls prayers. love y'all so much and hope all is well.
give James and Jillian a huge hug for me. mom I love you and hope that you get better, if you can will you please sent out in the package or earlier some medicine... that would be awesome! Dad I love you and hope that work picks up and that you'll be able to continue with out any dizziness and or blurry vision.

November 16, 2015

hey y'all ,
so this week has been slow but great we have had so much stuff to do and are never board.... haha but that's missionary life for ya :) 
I have picture for yall I just have to find them and send them off.
I was able to go on a team up with our bishop son who just got back and we taught together like PBJ it was sick, we got a bunch of member presents  and have had so many new investigators its great. 
the work is going well and slowly building its way back up to where we had it.
Grandma Bobbie sent me a very thin sip up sweater but I love it and its nice to have cause I don't have any other sweatshirts, so I just put on like three shirts and then that sweater.
we have the temple this Thursday and I'm super stocked for that I can't wait. I love being able to feel the spirit there always. so sad news when we go to our zone training at the temple all of the mission cars are getting this little black box called a tiwi or something like that. which sucks because we( my companion) likes to drive super fast in really slow spots jk, but those little black box's monitor everything that the car does and beeps at you every time you break just a little to hard or take a turn to fast and or press down on the gas peddle to hard... first thing that came to my mind was ( dad haha we need to put one of those in his truck.... haha that would be funny no just kidin)
but we are doing great as a companionship some days I just want to through him out the window, but then there are other days that I love him to death.... kinda like another brother haha that I wish wasn't there all the time again joking but not really.... I'm super excited for this thanksgiving though like a lot I love this time of year, with all the trees turnin and changing colors, its beautiful.
well hot dog... I'm cold this library doesn't know what a heater is... hahaha 
how's aunt sandy and uncle mike doing can you tell them I said hi???  tell tony and Tina as well... and Jennifer& Mickey  that I love them all...
can you ask aunt Sandy to go and put flowers down for me please......
we I hope yall are having a great day and that yalls week are doin the same. LOVE YALL SO MUCH GOTTA RUN TALK TO YALL NEXT WEEK!!!!!

November 9, 2015

hey y'all,

sorry about last week I thought my email sent the whole thing..

so the update on the Cartersville zone, Cassville district we had transfers last week and my companion and I stayed in our area, thank goodness I didn't want to leave I love the folks here. we did have a baptism last transfer and I took pictures but I'm not able to send them off so y'all can see, because I lost my cord in my first area. I have been trying to get a new one here in Georgia but no one carries them in stock and I can't afford to order one. our baptism went really well the young lady that was baptized, her name is Kimberly
Barrios really solid young lady and has attended church regularly since her baptism, the bishop has spoken with her and is trying to help her to achieve her goal of getting to the temple. Its getting really cold down here in the south!!!

I could really use winter clothes, like thermals and a pull over sweat shirt.

its really cool that dad is the word mission leader... now, dad you need to be the sickest word mission leader ever... all the word mission leaders that I've had are worthless they don't follow through with anything that they say..

mom your going to be a great word missionary!!!!

so my shoes are fine there not falling apart on me yet so that's good.

my boots on the other hand they have seen better days the folks out here when they need service done around there house... its not just taking the trash out hahaha we do work and its really helped us to come closer to the word.

my bike is great finally got it broke in and it works like a champ.

but that should be about it I think uhmmmm......

mission field wise I think I have everything.... I think if there is anything that I need I'll figure it out and let y'all know in my next email.

it's really cool that the house is moving along well and that its finally getting all the things that y'all were talking about for it before I left.. and its about time that the down stairs is finally getting heat:) it used to be cold all the time.

my companion is doing fine still a little weird but you can't fix everything :)

no he's pretty cool beside the fact that he doesn't like to eat meat and doesn't eat much of anything. so in result of that we rarely ever have food in our pantry. our refrigerator is getting bare as we speak. no but close.

thanksgiving!!! I can't wait for the day its getting so close...... and then all the food will be here, I love the southern food and all the home cooking. we are booked at two family's houses we have the Wyman's for thanksgiving lunch and we have the Holt's for thanksgiving dinner.. and that morning we are have a turkey bowl I'm so stoked for that... its on thanksgiving morning bright and early:)

so there is a couple of things that I really really wish I had right about thermals for sure that a huge thing actually.... a beanie and a pull over hoodie... its so cold here and they keep saying that it's suppose to get even colder here real quick like... and I'm not ready for that clothes wise.

I hope that everything back home is well and that y'all are as excited for your callings as much as I am... I love being a missionary its the greatest!!

I'm good and this week has been great so far. and I hope that it keeps it up... I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH...

Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 2, 2015

hey y'all ....

Halloween was great we carved pumpkins and for our Halloween dinner it was on Sunday at the Wymans

got to play Legos, that was fun. so why did dad give away his dog again?
sounds like a lot of remodeling is happening at the house. haha so dad is starting to wear dress shoes now :)

my cousins look so awesome in there Halloween costumes mister incredible is pretty mighty...

Charlie brown looks really cute, and that fairy wow can she help me fly... cause that would be awesome..

miss Jessie looks really cute and that outfit is great, she's missing bulls eye.... hahaha I bet they had a great Halloween and probably got a lot of candy.

I miss all of them so much...     

October 26, 2015


this week was good. we have the Trunker treat coming up for the Cassville word

and there is going to be a chili cook off, and Elder Argyle and I are the judges for it. one of the brothers in the word is a BBQ master he says hahaha, but we'll see I love me some good BBQ. his name is brother holt and they just got back from one of the biggest BBQ competitions in the US. up in Tennessee.

and they got third place so I guess that's good.

Halloween is coming up and we have seen a lot of weirdo's out in bout, we thought that Wal-Mart had some weird ones late at night back home hahaha y'all haven't seen what Cartersville has to offer up. plus they are all huge rednecks and hillbilly's so I guess what get is what you get. I loved the picture that y'all sent thank you so much I needed them...

so this morning Elder Argyle and Elder Christian both talked me into drinking a shot of Apple cider vinegar, the worst thing that I have ever consumed in my entire life... I will never do that again.... they keep saying that it's healthy for you and I say my toe it is, now way will that be my diet plan.... hahaha

so you said that if I wanted to ask for anything I could... okay I have one more request for Christmas.....:) can y'all send MAX in a box, make sure that he is able to breath and that he has water on his way over thanks so much hahaha man I miss that dog.

how's McKenna doing is she getting better??

Mom you got my Christmas list right? 

I really hope y'all are having a great week thus far, I have a good one and plan to keep it up thanks for the prayers and the fasting as well I love all y'all so much. we have a baptism this Saturday @10:00am and we are so excited for it can't wait... well I love y'all please keep sending me pictures. even if they are weird and or awkward haha I love seeing all of them...


October 19, 2015

this week......

so this week we met with president Foote, and it went well and sister Foote I don't how she does it but she can get the emotions out of you I cried a bit when she started talking about home. I'm tying my best to stay focused on the work and those that I'm teaching, but everyday it gets harder and harder because I'm constantly reminded about the shootings and all the other stuff that is going on back in Oregon.... and its not that I try to find these things out but that members tell me every time that they see me.

the work is going well we have a baptism on Halloween, I'm super excited and happy for the individual that we are teaching she is so ready to follow the example of our savior.

some exciting things that are coming up, are we have a meeting with elder zwick of the seventy on Wednesday, and even cooler elder Holland is coming to our mission on December 12th super stoked about that.

we have a lot of good things happening here in our area the ward is slowly getting bigger that I'm serving in and the members here are great. we've had a lot of service opportunity's this month and we have gotten to know more and more about the ward and its members with helping them out around there house and in town.

so I did get grandma bobbies package, but I have not gotten grandma Sewell's letter(card).

I have not gotten the chance to meet elder Gillespie yet but I'm sure I will before the end of my mission unless he is in a different mission here in Georgia. I'll ask around and see if he is serving here in Atlanta.

alright so I need a charger cord/ USB cord that will hook up to the computer so I can transfer over pictures, to send home to y'all.


my Christmas list mainly consist of winter stuff thus far but also some other misc. stuff...

so there is this store that we go and store contact in a lot we there's two of them.

one of them is blue sky outfitters here in Cartersville, and the other one is called academy sports and they have some things that I really like its not a lot of stuff just a couple of things out of both stores, its getting really cold here and they say that its suppose to start snowing towards the end of October.

the other thing that I really want is a 32 gig flash drive so that I can have music now that president Foote has made it to where we can listen to music that I helps us stay up lifting... I really need some up lifting about now!

so the stuff that is at those stores is all cloths, like long sleeve shirts, PJ's, a sweater, two beanie's and some thermals along with some thick socks. that's all that I want for Christmas, oh wait I want a container of red lickerish.

I hope y'all are having a great week and that my head can focus more as well.

I love all y'all so much and miss y'all like crazy.... can't wait to hear from you soon love always JOHNNY        

October 12, 2015

dang it sure looks like that ya'lls lives are super exciting what...... hahahahaha

so haha my cloths fit James real good hah that too funny he looks like he was getting ready to go to a basketball game.... man I miss those....

did he get taller or is it just the way the camera was facing....idk :)

looks like dad has lost some weight mom what are you feeding him :)

lady is getting skinnier and looks happy now that she's in the house...

max still thinks he's a lap dog and just has no clue of what's going on hahaha 

I love that dog so much....

McKenna look like she is getting a lot better and is have so much fun taking pictures she is cute... can't wait to meet her for the first time... that will be awesome.

she is always in my prayers :)

random question??

what the weather like over there right now, have y'all been to the beach in awhile?

has dad gone fishing or crabbing lately.... I can't wait to be able to do that again...

wow Christmas is right around the corner that so crazy I can't believe that its almost here it feels like just yesterday I was getting on the plan heading to Utah.

almost nine months, its going by real fast... and I feel like I have just started the beginning on my mission...

time fly's when your working and having fun while doing the work....

so I did get y'all package it was heavy and full of hygiene stuff haha what is that suppose to mean huh :) :) haha alright I get it I smell what'evs I love y'all toooo

no haha it was great I love it thanks for the slacks and the tie as well as the bathroom stuff....

I'll send my list to y'all next week that I have for Christmas...

I did not get either one of my grandparents packages they probably sent them to the wrong address :) idk what happen but they didn't show to play....

but y'alls did and won the game...

but what I really need bad is a sweat shirt maybe two like really bad...

its starting to get cold here and something light to wear but helps keep my dry and warm is and would be life saver around this time of year... my huge jacket

that I brought out is really thick and I sweat to much when I wear because of the humidity is super bad here like insane in the brain bad haha.....

probably the perfect thing to send me would be one quarter zip  and one pull over hoodie :) I would be set... and then if mom could send me her recipe for pumpkin rolls and Cimon rolls my stomach would be so grateful :)


alright well I gotta get runnin we're fixin to head over to the church for our p-day

ha funny joke right quick as missionaries we don't say hump day for Wednesdays but for Mondays we say P-DAY....


October 5, 2015

hey y'all I heard about the shootings that have been going on through members and was a little worried but then was converted by a warm welcome from the spirit telling me that everything will be okay... I know that the lord is watching over my family and I'm am so grateful to be able to know that with all of my heart.... my birthday was great my companion made breakfast for me and the district took me out for lunch we had a great day, my mission president also called me and he and his wife wished me a happy birthday... I felt special hahahahaha it was great.... I have found a physical therapy place that is really close by my apartment the mission nurse said that I could go and check it out we have scheduled that in for today so I will be going there today.... my knee feels good and bad off an on through out the day if I don't wear the knee brace I pay for it big time but if I do it feels so much better... hahaha learned my lesson the hard way once again, one day I will learn... conference was so spiritual I loved every minute of it I took so much notes but then there was those talks that were to good and I couldn't not listen so I wrote down print off in my notes cause they were so great. I loved the talk in the Sunday session that elder Russell M. Nelson did it was powerful, and elder David A. Bednar's talk was as well.

elder Holland's talk was so spiritual I tried to keep from tearing up...

I loved every minute of conference...

This transfer has been great we have so many great folks that we are teaching I'm so thankful for the power of prayer and the blessings that it brings....

as long as we pray for things in specific we will get a specific answer.

the beauty of getting promptings that are giving by the holy ghost in direction that is leading you to a specific house or street is amazing I love seeing the smile on the family's faces when they are spiritually prepared to indulge the gospel in there lives... the atonement is real and it works....

as the spiritual Yoda would say the spirit is strong with this one!!!

the mission is great I can't believe the greatness that I have witnessed and the great many things that I have learned since being out here. I love our heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ and for all that they have given me. I love this work with all my heart. this gospel is amazing and does wonders for family's all over.... I can surely testify of the greatness that it entails...

I can't wait to be able to learn more each and every day.

I hope that everything is well back home and that all good!!! ;)

I love you all as well as miss you greatly...


September 28, 2015

hey y'all this week has been really good.

transfers went well I'm back in a district leader companionship, my new companion's name is Elder Argyle from south Jordon Utah, this is his first time as a district leader.... and thus far we are getting along pretty well.

the ward that I'm serving in has a lot of folks that used to live in Oregon, and have welcomed me in like family. we have a couple of really solid investigators that are getting ready for the baptismal proses, I'm really excited to be working with these awesome people here in this area, the area is out in the middle of nowhere has a lot of truck stops and a bunch of farming through out it we have a lot of potential here with tracting as long as we have the car we will be in great shape. the topic that the mission and a lot of the stakes as well as individual wards go's has been based on the home, family, and marriage. president Foote has emphasized on these topics for the past few weeks we are going strong trying our best to teach folks about eternal family's. and how we can be together for ever. we have emphasized so much in our lessons on how we can help family's come to know the gospel and atonement more fully.

I have come to really know for my self on how essential and important the family is for me.

I have grown a stronger testimony on family as well as on the book of Mormon my study's have been more spiritual since I have been learning more about eternal family, and marriage. the mission really helps you understand what is important for the rest of your life. the beauty of temple and the proses of getting to the point of this great path of eternal life with our investigators.

fall has hit and is so beautiful I wish I had my camera cord but I lost it back in my first area. I would love to show y'all the beautiful country out here as we have been tracting and driving along the roads here in Cassville Georgia it amazes me how wonderful the scenery is out here. I never would have thought that it would be this beautiful out here in Georgia.

the people are just amazing and are so full of love for the missionary's weather they be non members or members, anywhere you go no matter who you are everyone always wants to talk about Jesus Christ and either how they have been saved or what they can do to be saved. and if they don't know they always have a lot of questions that lead up to asking the right one, which gives us our foot in the door.... I love serving and doing this work it bring such joy to my heart, as well as happiness to those that we bring this great joy to.

heavenly father has really shown me what I am capable of, and I am truly grateful to be able to repay him in the service of being a missionary.

I have learned so much in the time being out here on my mission.

I have truly found my foundation and have built up an even stronger one to add to it, I love that I am able to help and relate to folks while being out here in this beautiful country.

I wish I could share the sights and people that I meet with everyone back home.

I believe truly that I have found me while being on this mission, even though I have still a while to go, I will be able to fly even higher through out these next 17-18 months.

I just want to thank all y'all for the love and support, that y'all have given me through out the years..... and I want y'all to know that I'm constantly praying for each and everyone of you. I love y'all so much and I am truly grateful to have each and everyone of you in my life!!!


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 21, 2015

hey y'all how is everyone doin, this week has been pretty cool. have had a lot of people popping up that we have been finding lots of folks that are willing to listen.

transfer news came this morning....... woohoo I'm so excited and I just can't hide it :) I'm leavin the area and headed to another car share somewhere else.

so stoked to be able to start new somewhere else and get to know another ward.

McKenna looks so cute and looks like she's doing so well tell Jacob and Brianna that I send my love and hugs there way.

that path looks good and dirty :) haha jk  its cool that projects are getting done

sweatshirt size is still a large and pj's need to be a large or ex-large but long as well.

I can't wait till I can see max and lady its been, well it feels like for ever.

and I can't believe that i'll be 20 this next week......... I feel old and can't believe that it has almost been a year since I've been away from home.

September 14, 2015

hey y'all this week has been good we had stake conference, this past Sunday and i actually took a lot of notes, but i left them at the apartment i wanted to share them with you.

tell mom that i'm sorry to hear that she has a migraine and that i hope it gets better.

My knee is doin fine for the most part, i'm hangin in there as hard as i can.

it kills me at the end of each day from walking and sittin all the time.

and my knee brace is starting to fail just alittle bit has started to stop Velcro in it self to hold in place, but i'm settlin with it.

my comp say's hi and he's doing well we are startin to get along...... its hard i tell ya but i'm workin on it.

we have been on bikes this week and yes my knee has been feelin it but my legs are gettin bigger along with all this food the members have been feeding us...

haha dang i can't wait to see what 's in the package and i'm pretty excited to see it finally show up...

well i gotta run i love y'all so much and hope to hear from y'all soon

Love Y'all Johnny 

September 8, 2015

hey y'all well this week has been full of fun i was able to have the experience of being a zone leader for three days...

we went on exchanges for the labor day weekend, and had a really cool experience with the area they put us in, there were so many people that we were able to connect with that have never heard the name Jesus Christ before.... that really hit me in such a way that my heart felt sorrow for them. we were able to connect real well with the ward and was able to get a lot of member referrals.

My knee for the past few weeks has been acting up and has mad it difficult for my to walk for a long period of time. the other week i woke up in such pain, i don't know if i kicked the wall or what but it hurt so bad that i was in tears, i honestly didn't want to tell y'all because i didn't want y'all to worry about me...

i have been using tiger balm every night before i go to bed to help it ease some pain through out the night.

i have been thinking for the past few days that the reason being while it hurts so much could be from the surgery that i had, but i really don't know.

we had a mission wide fast this past Sunday and President Foote had asked openly to all the missionary's if there was anyone on our minds that the mission could pray for, i had said y'all, Mckenna, and a bunch of the investigators that we have been teaching.

and later on the call there was three that had said my name as well as everyone back home. i don't know about y'all but i have felt all of those prayers, the past few days and i'm extremely grateful for the power of prayer, and the great joy and peace that it brings to our hearts.

so haha my suit i had gotten a 44 regular suit jacket and 34 wast size suit pants with the length of 34 as well,

if i happen to get a joice of what color it is, can it be black with pine strips if possible.

it's great that Sarah and Jonwayne are going to the temple that's really exciting :) 

can y'all say hi to Chelsea for me, :) if that's okay to do....

It's really cool that dad was able to come home and enjoy some family time and not have to worry about stressing over work, has work picked back up lately, or are the fires still going strong?

i haven't been able to hear much about it except what i get from members and there weather report that they give me. 

we have been praying hard for the northwest so they would have some heavy rain come there way. 

i have my camera this week so i'll send some picture to y'all here as soon as i can. 

Well i Love Y'all so much and i am very grateful to be out here on the mission, and to be able to re percent our loving savior and older brother in the gospel by bringing others to the light and great blessings.

i'm also proud to be able to re percent our family as well as the west coast.


August 31, 2015

hey y'all......

I'm really happy for McKenna I have had her in my prayers tell Jacob and Brianna that I love them.

wow they moved to Portland, I wander how they'll like the cold during the winter... aunt Josey and uncle Ethan haven't lived out west have they?

will y'all be able to see them more often then not?

how's Chelsea doing is she home from her mission or does she have some time still to go? can you tell her dad that I said hi??

yeah my companion an I are getting along real well and I don't think as of right now there are anyone that makes fun of me.... in the mission if there was I believe that they all are home now... but everyone though in the mission knows who I am and at least have has told the mission President that I should be in leadership..... part of me is like no way man haha but the other half of me is like bring it on you know I feel that I would do good in a leadership position, the couple of conversations that President Foote an I have had have always ended up talking about either training or leadership so I have a feeling that it's going to happen here soon...

I have had an awesome week we cleaned shop on our top 40 list of people the ward council has given us to go an see and or predict weather or not they live there....

we has 14 people at church this last Sunday and also had the Primary Program that was really fun to enjoy.... the ward has pretty much adopted me and at least 12 percent of the ward has told me to come back and visit them after the mission. haha I was like if Georgia was to loose the humidity and have like 75 degrees weather every day, along with rain at least a couple of hours every day.... then maybe haha then I said that I would think about it.

oh oh  guess what has happened the past couple of days???

okay so .......... at our last few dinner appointments, we have had that chicken and kale soup that mom used to make you know the one with bacon in it.

we also had chicken and fish tacos, then we had Navajo tacos and they weren't the same as the ones back home but they were really good and brought back a lot of memories.

I'm really glade that the coos has had rain and that the weather has gotten better, sorry that work hasn't been booming as much lately for dad hopefully it picks up again

Any way I hope that this week is better for all y'all and that school is full of fun this year good luck and remember who y'all are and to be a great example to your friends and each other I love all y'all so very much and miss y'all lots.

tell next time.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 24, 2015

hey y'all 

well this week has been a little hard, with all the rain mainly because we are on bikes this week until Tuesday.

we had a somewhat spiritual week with experiences, i taught again in gospel principals class, and elders quorum, the bishop in the word that i'm serving in said that if i keep doing well that i'm gonna need to watch out.... when i go home because the bishop at home might have a calling waiting for me.... haha do not tell that part in your talk on Sunday....hahahaha

my companion has been out for a year now and is still trying to figure me out.... i said to him good luck.... but i have been nice and also tried to help him out with missionary work through out the week, we do get along pretty well, he keeps challenging me though every day and tells me that he's going to beat in all that we do. so i don't know weather or not he wants the rest of the transfer to be a competition..... hahaha he doesn't know how the black family play's ball :) but this companion though is way more fun to be around mainly because he has a sense of humor. and get's my jokes... the mission life on the other hand has been really good thus far. i love the people here in Georgia, they have probably the best hospitality around and absolutely loves talking about the savior witch makes life somewhat easier to teach them.  have James's senior picture come in yet?? did they turn out pretty good? where did y'all take them at?

so i ate it pretty good the other day on the way back to our apartment, and it started to rain and i was hollin down our apartment road, and as soon as i turned the corner and by back my back tire slipped out from under me and i hit this puddle hard... got up looked around like no one saw it and my companion was just laughing at me, had a nice bruise on my face for two days...

other then that hahahaha this transfer has been great... really hope that y'all are doing well and that all is well back home love you all...

tell everyone at the track that i said hi and that i miss them all... and tell dad congrats's on the win again that's really cool, have y'all been videoing any of the races??

can't wait for the package to get here... really excited tell Brianna and Jacob that i said hi and to give McKenna a hug and kiss for me...

also tell grandma and grandpa that i said hi as well.

tell grandpa chuck that i said hi tooo.


talk to you later...


August 17, 2015

so transfers was last week, my new companion in Elder Albertson, he is from Roy,UT

IT's a Miracle that Brianna&Jacob got McKenna in the children's hospital, i have had her in my thoughts through out the day, and in my prayers. i hope that she get well real soon.

I didn't have as of a spiritual experience as i did last week.

dang haha i'm sorry y'all went through with cleaning my room, hope that it didn't make anyone keel over :), is it clean now?? what did y'all do with everything?

sorry about your thermal cup..... i'll be you a new one....

dang tell Sarah (Messenger) that i said hi and that i hope she get's well.

"oh ya" i some what get along with my comp, he keeps him self on the safe side with all of his jokes. he is pretty funny but probably the biggest nerd that i have met... he is pretty smart well a lot smarter then me anyway. we are completely apposite, he is a red head and kinda lazy, not athletic at all so i haven't been able to run in the morning lately, but it's totally cool. he loves to clean which is awesome and he is very organized. our apartment is always clean now.

hahaha we i love y'all and i hope that y'all have an awesome week. 

To: Grandma & Grandpa 

hey y'all how are you? the mission field has been great thus far. i have learned so much.... i am grateful that the blessings that i have received have come off even more so for the family i saw picture of everyone and when my folks were down there visiting, everyone has grown so much and looks different. tell 
Brianna & Jacob that they are in my prayers, also tell them to give McKenna a hug and kiss for me.

has Grandpa grown out his beard again since he has been released from being a bishop?? or is he keeping his face clean shaved? 

it truly is a blessing to be on a mission and to hear that the great blessing that come from that are helping my family in so many ways. i love all y'all and i hope that everything is well where y'all are at.. hope to hear from y'all soon.


Elder Black (JOHNNY)

August 10, 2015

hey y'all so this week has been a blast we had one of our investigators come to church this Sunday!! yay haha 

Elder Holt and I both ate it pretty hard on our bikes this last Tuesday, haha and as soon as it happened i said...... hahaha don't tell mom!

😥😅😂😀 then we said said lets go down that hill again.... knowing that he was going home this Wednesday.

my bike is doing great if you were wondering, and i just have a new scare forming actually a couple forming on my left hand they are pretty cool...... not gonna lie it hurts real good :)

our resent convert i fon't think you got pictures of the baptism yet i think brother moss will send them here shortly... but they are headed back to salt lake here next week to be sealed together!!! i cried this last Sunday in sacrament meeting and tried to keep it to my self.... but the speaker saw me darn it. the talk just really hit home for me and i felt the spirit so strong... they both talk about family and some of they're life story's. i gave them both a hand shake and said thank you for your talk, and as i went in for there hand, sister Tatum gave me a hug and said your welcome. Saturday was really good we got to ride home in the rain after spending the afternoon with some deep southern baptist folks that was fun. oh i almost forgot yesterday afternoon after our ward got out and all of our meeting got done we also attended a baptist service we had agreed with this family that there would be no pros alighting and that we would just be there as friends. all the old folks in the service were asking so many good questions about the three kingdoms and whether or not they were going to see there family's again, or even be married to they're spouse. i wanted so bad to just turn to D&C and to answer there questions. but we couldn't. after we had left Linn the lady that we have become friends with followed us out and said how come y'all didn't say anything... and we were shocked, she then told us that she has a book of Mormon and the D&C with the pearl of great price... again we were really shocked and said have you been reading them. she said yes and no then asked if we could join them for dinner this Wednesday and talk alittle bit about these things. we said what time and now we have the rest of the family wanting on board as well.... i love DALLAS GEORGIA!!!! I knew sooner or later that the Lord would provide a way..... and not only did he answer our prayers but he answered some of our members prayers as well.... this family that we have been visiting and now have become really close to happens to be really well known in this small town. so that has been some of the most exciting news that i have thus far.... haha keep the Christian FAMILY in y'alls prayers that they will continue to flurrish and want to learn more of the gospel. that they will be able to feel all the blessings that heavenly father has in store for them.


so we got transfer news this morning and haha obviously my comp is going home!! yay :) 

I on the other hand, I am staying in my area to continue the work here in DALLAS. transfers are this WEDNESDAY.

I'm in desperate need of a new suit.. that's what i get for liking the Georgia southern food! my legs and behind are pretty big and now we are allowed to go to gyms as well and they are getting even bigger. biking has done them good :) i have ripped two pairs of slacks now and not on purpose i promise. i got my boots approved and now i can wear them all the time if i so choose. i have two white shirts that still fit pretty good enough that i can still breath. but i am at 195 now and still at 6"2' i have officially stopped growing upward and trying so hard not to grow outward.....

my wast size is still 34 and or the next size up but lets stick with 34 haha i'm doing my best to eat healthy and workout.

my hair is getting blonder and so far that's the update.

1st nephi 15;23-24  is the scripture for this week it has helped me out thus far and has kept me going through out this week and transfer.

nothing else really has happened thus far this transfer, i have a bunch of pictures to send off i got my camera some what working and it still takes pictures which is good. i'll send those off next week.

I love y'all so very much and hope to hear from you soon!!! LOVE ALWAYS JOHNNY

August 4, 2015

hey yall i got permission from the mission president to come back to the library and finish emailing yall. 

yesterday ended up being really late for the afternoon which consisted on us not being able to come back and finish emailing....

transfers are coming up this week and my companion elder Holt is flying out and i am either getting a new missionary to train or just a regular.... but i am staying in the area, i'll find out more details next Monday. i did have a scripture to share with yall and i wrote it down, but guess what i did again.... i left it at the apartment right we got on the rode with our bikes i had remembered that i forgot something.... but my comp didn't want to turn around. did yall happen to get the picture from our p-day Yesterday, that was sent from a members phone in our district leaders area...... we played ping pong for most of the day, i found out that i am not good at everything haha then the rest of my district decided that we were going to play sting pong and guess what..... i lost at that as well i have a lot of welts on my back and i officially do not like that game any more!!

so today we were at district meeting and it turned out to be another day of picking on elder Black day's, then they brought out cupcakes and stated a surprise some what of a party for elder Holt..... just a bunch of piles :) but it was fun i did a training on Christ like attributes. as we were leaving my comp and the other two missionary's that are heading home as well stated singing a bunch of songs like i'm coming home, i'm leaving on a jet plain, your gonna miss me when i'm gone.... the rest of us decided to through a bunch of waded up paper at them to finally get them to stop there horrible singing... not that they chose bad songs because they didn't it was the fact that they are really bad at singing:)

i hope that this week gos by fast again like all the other one's this transfer, it's getting real hot down here and the bike have yet learned how to produce off air conditioning..... biking has got a whole lot easier not that i didn't know how to ride a bike before, well some missionary's would like to debate on that one. but it was the fact that 1) i was way out of shape when i got out here, and 2) i hated biking my first week now i would much rather be on a bike then in a car...... only if it would rain haha that would be real nice.

well i love ya'll and i really miss ya'll so much.... how's max doing?? i still would really like a picture of him. any way give him a hug and kiss for me... and i'll talk to ya'll next Monday and give ya'll more of an update with transfers and what's going on....


August 3, 2015

so we are at another set of elders library this morning and the computer is not working in our favor... we are going to end our p-day a little early to day so that I can finish emailing ya'll and so I can also get some more picture takin on elder holts camera and send those to you...

I love you all and I will by back on soon.

I'll send more pictures later these are some of my latest from tracting in our area.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015

hey every one i'm sorry that i haven't been very exciting in my emails, i don't really know how to be.

i can't seem to figure out to be more emotional or enthusiastic through email. i also want to say i'm sorry for not pictures very often I've been trying to look for a cheep cord to transfer over my pictures to the computer because i have lost my other one..... then last week we were at a car show with an investigator and i was trying to take a really cool picture on the other side of this fountain of this sweet 1970 an half split bumper Camero, i slipped and fell some what into the water and my camera stopped working.... these may seem like excuses but i promise they are not. i've been trying to look around for a cheep camera and haven't found one.

i truly am sorry mom that my emails haven't been more jam packed with cool experiences and more info. i'm trying so hard to be a good missionary and to focus on the work and trying to keep my mind off home and other things that i don't need to worry about......

i'm still trying and i'll keep trying.

honestly this week has been pretty good president foote likes to call more often with all of the missionary's then president Harding did. so that's pretty cool that we get to talk to him on more of a daily basis. we have a baptism coming up on the first of august a young girl of the age of nine and she is super excited to be baptized and to follow Jesus Christ example, along with her grandmother's too.

i really wish i could sent off some picture to ya'll because i have changed a little maybe in size no i'm not getting fat or huge but my face is looking a little more full if that makes sense.... it probably doesn't but oh well.

i really wish the mission life was more exciting or i guess more a peeling of a story to give out, either that or i'm just really bad at telling it i don't know, it's probably that i'm not good at telling it. i love the mission and i love learning and growing out here in the field even getting to know my companions and what they are like...... honestly elder Holt is going home in two weeks....... that's most likely the nicest way and appropriate way to put it. i have leaned a little from him but other then that... like i said he's going home in two weeks.

this week has started off good i rally hope that it ends well. last week i did not email grandma or really anyone else but ya'll and the mission president that was all. i'll try and get better at that as well. well tell everyone that i said hi and that i miss them. and the tell JILL that her cool picture will be sent off as soon as possible..... i hope to hear from Ya'll soon.

ya'lls missionary


July 20, 2015

so...... haha not getting any skinnier......

the mission field is really good i've learned so much being out.

we got weighed and measured the other day, and i'm currently at 185 pounds, and i'm finally at 6'1" but they said that i'm probably not growing any more then that.

bummer ha i thought that i was going to be taller then dad..... i guess i can just settle for being taller then mom :) haha love you....

our new mission President really likes me and said in our interview that i might be in leadership roll sooner then i think.

sister foote automatically new who i was from day one. she said that my name was the first one that she could get down, and she automatically remembered where i came out from along with saying that they are very familiar with the coos bay area. pretty cool right.

i've learned so much about the gospel that i didn't know before probably because i didn't pay much attention in seminary..... sure wish i did.....

for the longest time i've a lot of questions and have been confused with all the other questions the people have asked us.... not being able to answer those questions really bugged me to the point where i had a meeting with the bishop in Dallas ward that i'm serving now.... a lot of the questions that i had asked him are pretty simple and not very hard questions but have no answers to them..... so i looked to our father in heaven, and fasted along with diligent scripture study..... and all i acquired was a since of peace and convert, knowing that i guess those random questions that where bugging the heck out of me didn't matter.... and that i needed to keep focused on the work at hand.

because of these examples and experiences that i have had my testimony has grown sincerely stronger then i have ever thought it could. this week has been more ...... not only exciting but worth while to go out and to share the gospel with everyone i came in contact with.

my prayers have become more sincere and meaningful. i feel like my relationship with heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has become more dear to my heart then has ever before in my life.

you have always asked how i'm doing and if i have had any spiritual experiences..... i'd have to say that has been the biggest one yet, and i for awhile i just tried to do the tough guy thing and not worry about it thinking that it would just go away sooner or later.

my mission has become more of a learning/ growing experience for me as not only a young man but as a priesthood holder as well. i just want ya'll to know that a completely honor and respect the both of you for being amazing parents and for helping one another to raise the three of us kids. and want to apologize for all the.......trouble haha that we caused you growing up.

thanks for pushing me through school and struggling haha well dealing with ....... me

i love you so much and am grateful to have the both of you in my life.

that's really cool that Collin is going to be helping dad out when he can..... i'm glade that he is staying out of trouble some what hahaha.......

maybe if i play my cards right and do what i'm told to do and follow all the rules, as well as being exactly obedient to the mission and the commandments..... that heavenly father will bless me in showing my that path that i need to take further in the future.

hopefully the odds will be in my favor and things will work out.......

so the things that i really need other then money..... are.....

(1) i really need a camel pack.

(2) my waste size is 34. and length is 34 as well.

(3) mhmm... i need new shoes my shoes are goners for sure!!

(4) i also need a new suit the crotch in my light suit tore all the way up, and i asked if some one could be able to fix it, and they said that i'm better off getting a new suit all together.

other then these things, that is really what i need honestly...... 

alright well i love you and tell everyone that i miss them.

hope to hear from yall soon, haha stay out of trouble.....


July 13, 2015

dang sounds like a pretty chaotic week :) did you get my fathers day card?

man i miss the track and every buddy.....

my new area is really fun and exciting very country.

my new companion Elder Holt is really cool we get along pretty well.

being on bike on week and in a car the next.... is pretty hard..... but i manage :)

we've been working out hard in the mornings and i hat to admit i'm either getting fat or i'm getting big one of the two.

i weighed my self this morning and i'm sitting at 198!! when ever we are on bikes it feels like we are back at the YMCA in the bike room just sprinting hard on those bikes again.

but in this case we are on hills  and biking back up those things man i tell ya....

but the work is going well and these past few weeks have been a little hard..... mainly because on the 4th there was a tragedy.... the ensign ward lost a very special person..

we were helping take down the flags of the fallen solders here in Paulding county and we finished before the fire truck that we were on in the morning and no accidents accrued thankfully.

but that afternoon as the fire truck was coming around in the parking lot where we met up at, with the momentum the truck was caring the elders quarm in the ensign ward flew off and hit his head. at first it didn't seem real as we all watch so helplessly........ automatically the fire department was at the seen but the priesthood was the first to respond and we gave him a blessing leaving the rest in the lords hands. on the way... to the hospital in the helicopter he was brain dead and there was nothing else they could do. the funeral was this past Saturday..... very sad day for everyone here in this area he was a very well known man.

Sunday was full of the topic on the supreme courts discussion and over ruling with all the state now having to marry gay couples...... idk but what has this country come too...... other then all this crazy and sad stuff going on.

a really need to get another suit though like really bad!!!! yesterday i was getting into a members car for a team up and my slacks ripped right up the middle, and my other suit that i came out with doesn't fit me any more....

very sad day because now i have to just wear one of my other slacks with just a white shirt and tie.

so i'm doing my best to pay more attention to the prompting of the spirit, and i'm on the 4th time going through the book of Mormon, my testimony for it has been strengthened.

i'm building my foundation very strong and i love serving and sharing the gospel with everyone i come in contact with.

its good to hear that max is doing well :) i still don't have a picture of him..... haha but i guess i can keep waiting for that to come.... :)

tell every one that i said hi and that i love them so much.

hope to hear from you soon, talk to ya'll later

were fixin to go play some ball with the zone.



July 6, 2015

well this week has been extremely laid back and we haven't taught very many people since i have got into this area but the work is still pressing on strong.

my new companion Elder Holt is really cool and we get along really well other then our differences he's defiantly a city boy and knows nothing about cars and or animals. but other then that he's really cool so far one of my favorite comps.

the sister that got in the car wreck is in Utah and i don't really know very much other then that.

our new mission President is really cool a lot more easy going then President Harding.

the slide shows that he and sister Foote showed where really cool and it had some pretty nice music to go along with there presentation.

President Foote is really Awesome. i like him.

I have not yet met Elder Gillespie but maybe will later on in the mission.

in the past few weeks i haven't had any spiritual experiences but hopefully soon here in the near future i will.

any weird experiences uhmmm...... not that i know of but stay in tuned and i'm sure something will happen.

the pictures that ya'll have sent me are really small when i click on them to see them better they just get smaller is there a way that you can send them bigger?

haha i hope to hear from all ya'll very soon.

i love you all 


June 29, 2015

hey y'all how's every one tell them all that i love them so much:) 

my new area is Dallas Georgia, My new Comp's name is Elder Duncan Douglas Holt, He is from tooele, Utah and has 4 brothers and sisters. he's really cool and is really big into wake boarding.

honestly only a couple things that i really need!!!

1.) home card.

2.) shorts and hoodie

that i really need until later on down the road in the mission i let you know.

i love all y'all and miss y'all so much. tell grandpa chuck i said hello

Love Always


June 22, 2015

hey everyone :)

so transfer news came today I'm getting transferred this Wednesday heading to my second area.

I don't remember all of the questions that you asked last Monday, please send them again and I'll be shore to answer them.

Fathers day we had stake conference and it was awesome we had a general authority come and speak to us funny his talk was a lot on how when he was a missionary and he was told over and over to go home and to start dating right away then get married.

his talk ended up being on that kind of subject mainly towards all the young people that were there and listening, also he started talking to the missionary as well.

we had two investigators there and they said that they felt the spirit a lot when the stake president and his counselors got up and talked. our mission President also was there and he had a really good talk on family's and how much they are so important he also talk a little bit on how his journey here has been and expressed his gratitude and love to all that has been a part of his life and the missionary's lives.

for Fathers day dinner we went to a new members home and they fed us these fish tacos that the wife said was her home town famous fish tacos..... they used fish sticks out of a box and Mexican rice  with some home made ranch and then normal tacos toppings.

I started to tell them that we had fish tacos once but our family favorite is chicken tacos. well my favorite.

I still ate it, it was good Elder hope had like seven of them tells you how much he liked them.

so this is my last p-day here in the twin oaks ward, i got a call this morning from the AP's about transfer news and they told me that i'll be going to a car share area so I'll be able to ride my bike i already told you that haha :) my bad.

we get to meet our new mission President here in the next couple of weeks. pretty excited for that i wonder how he's going to be.

so down here it may be all muggy and gross but it is really really  hot but its cool cause i don't burn at all I've been tanning real good :)

alright well i love you all and miss you thanks for the support. hope to hear from you soon.



Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

so this week was awesome my companion and I had the opportunity to witness on of the investigators of the district that I'm in get married that was very interesting haha i'll send y'all some pictures.

everyone is just getting so big "wow" Lila and Marley are so cute and really funny it stinks that Charlie is gone he was one of the greatest dog's in the world I'll miss him. James look's just the goofiest in his treky uniform haha but I did to so :)

along with this week being just the craziest well mission life is always crazy and full of up's and downs but along with all of the fun we've been having bummer news has come into our court and tried taking over the game. one of our investigators fell off date and has been pretty evasive with us not answering any of our phone calls or texts hasn't been to church and his baptism was suppose to be last Saturday. unfortunately it didn't happen. we are still trying to get a hold of him and figure things out can y'all pray for him his name is Yusuf.

this library that I'm at is really lame so I might not have any more time to email here in a few minutes i'll try to email a little later today.

let every one know that I love them and miss them so much.

love you mom and tell dad that I miss him and love him too.

make him a fathers day card for me. LOVE ALWAYS


June 8, 2015 testimony & email

scripture Mosiah ; 18:7 is what I've picked

testimony: I know that this church is the true restored church and that joseph smith is a true prophet of god who was given the authority from god the eternal father him self to go forth and re-establish the church of Jesus Christ of later day Saints, I know that President Tomas S. Monson is the prophet here on the earth today. I know that I was sent here and given a body and two amazing Earthly parents to lead and help guide me as well as teach me the gospel, I know that through there strong and faithful testimony I was able to learn and grow in the church. I know that Jesus Christ loves each and ever one of us and that he livestoday. I know that I have a loving and caring heavenly Father that sent his only begotten son to die for us so that we can live him again once more. I know that as a missionary I can learn to love the one's that I come in contact with and I can be the hand that helps them when they fall. I can show them the path which heavenly father has laid out for them. I love this gospel and this church I love my savior Jesus Christ and the example he sets for me. I love being a missionary and serving my heavenly Father. I love teach the amazing people here in Georgia, this mission is wonderful it has taught me so much. already even though I haven't been out that long. I love my mom and dad and the example they set for me and my siblings. and I leave these things with you in the name of our beloved savior and redeemer Jesus Christ amen.

so yesterday was fast Sunday and probably one of the most funniest fast and testimony meeting I have been so far it was suppose to be just short and brief testimony's but we have a lot of members that are resent converts form Baptist churches and they got up well some of them got up and when it was there turn it kind of turned into story time and they used a lot of body language it just was the funniest thing ever I tried to hold it in and be quiet but I just could not stop laughing I was a little quiet and we were in the back of the gym so we didn't make to much noise but man that was a great testimony meeting. and later on after church on of our investigator's that we went to go visit came out side and told us that she wanted to be baptized and that she wants to learn more about the church. yesterday was just awesome. differently strengthened my testimony.

this church is so true It hurts in side to see people just reject us or tell us that they are not interested. we had one older lady yell at us before we could even get to here drive way, to don't even think about it. just busted our bubbles and we kept walking. Elder Hope say's hello and so does the rest of our district they are all here at our library today. I' really excited for this week to continue and to go out and find more folks to teach this beautiful message that we have to share with them. my heart just fills with joy when I see them except this great blessing of the gospel into there lives. I hope to sent y'all some picture this next week my camera has been dead for the past transfer because I haven't had any batteries for it so hopefully I can get some to you here soon.

 I love you all and miss you  keep me in your prayers and pray that Elder Hope and I continue to do well and keep baptizing and finding folks to teach the restored gospel.



June 1, 2015

haha why don't you want to give max a hug and a kiss you'll just smell like wet dog for awhile and have nice slobbery kisses on your face :)

anyways haha its really nice to here everyone is doing well it feels like yesterday I emailed y'all so it's like I don't much to email but I can tell you a couple of story's that have happened here recently.

transfers came around and now I have the hulk as my comp and we baptized three people last weekend, I was very excited and spiritually over happy if that makes sense. we are trying to teach our new investigator her name is Michelle Taylor and she is just full of story's its like story time every time we go over to her house. :) we are also teaching a pretty solid family the lowery's  there name is spelt differently so the computer doesn't like it but they are a really cool family of five ages from 18 to 48 Dalton sr. is 48 and his wife Barbra is 47 and they have four children but we only see three so we say family of five Dalton jr. is next and he's a police officer he doesn't like it when his brother and dad call him five-o haha I think its kind of funny and he's 25, the next one is Walter he performs every night at the club he raps brother cairns calls it crap and gives him a hard time. his stage name is wolf and I call him wolfy but he say's I'm only aloud to call him that he calls me black so I guess it works. last one is Desiree she just turned 18 last week the whole time I thought she was like 21 but I guess not everyone picks on her cause she's the little one they feed us pretty good every once in a while. they're pretty solid as well. we have another baptism coming up which will make this one number four if you count Ashley's baptism but its Just three for me on the mission his name is Yusuf he's from Nigeria and he's really big into soccer age is 22 and he doesn't talk that much but he is super solid and ready to be splashed into the waters of baptism haha:) so far that's it other then that the mission is doing great I'm doing well and healthy we had a really good breakfast this morning I made pancakes bacon and eggs for my companion and I it was so good. today is kind of like our calibration for our baptisms we are going to Applebee's for lunch today a member is buying the district lunch there and then we are eating at another members house for dinner tonight. pretty busy day I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. still waiting on those packages y'all said were coming. hope my home card comes with them :)

alright well gotta run lave ya and miss you lots!!



Friday, May 29, 2015

May 27, 2015

well this week has been pretty fun labor day week end was bla no one was home and we tracted for like all day it seemed and not a single door opened up. my new companion is 6'5" and out weighs me by 100 pounds tall blond guy from Idaho Dra-Rome, Idaho his name is Elder hope.

He's really into football and basketball we get along a lot better then Elder Marcelin and I Did. he's a lot laid back and for some reason likes to try and wrestle me all the time. turns into our morning work out. the mission field is getting a lot better I'm kind of excited that I got to stay in my area but at the same time I wanted to move. I finally got my baptism last Saturday we baptized five people the sisters had two and we had three. one of my converts moved out of our ward boundary's so we have to referral over to that area to start his new member lessons the other two are doing well.

what else is new back home I know y'all are heading to New Mexico here soon that's really cool be sure to say hi to everyone for me and to give everyone a huge hug too. don't get too tan while your down there I still need to beat you and being tanner haha :) I love you all and miss one last thing before I go can you send me a sweatshirt that I can wear in the rain its really to hot to wear my heavy coat and it rains so hard here you get soaked in two seconds it rains so much.

love you and miss you hope to hear from you soon.



May 18, 2015

well its really good to have the privilege and ability to have this emailing I don't know what I would do with out it.

transfer news is that I'm staying in the area and Elder Marcelin is leaving so my address is still the same. but if you have already sent things off I'll be at transfers on Wednesday.

the family that fell off is back on date and are getting baptized this week end we didn't want to hold it back any longer just in case they decided to bail again. so I will finally get my first baptism on the mission I'm really happy and excited.

alright so I sent off a letter and it has the rest of my list on it as well as my scripture for my plaque.

but I guess this way would be faster right :)

so here are some of the other things that I need. I did bring my list.

1.) shorts same size that you got my other shorts in will do fine. (Large)

2.) wranglers I need a size 34-34 on those because of the way the members have been feeding us lately I might gain some of that weight back I hope not but just in case that size will be good.

3.) sun glasses nice ones if you can ones that wont break on me.

4.) I need another pair of PJ's light and not so thick so I can wear them in the summer time it gets so hot hear last night it was 85' degrees out side and pretty humid we have like three fans running in our apartment with the AC running on high and at its lowest temperature. (Large)

5.) I need a couple more shirts (crew neck) if you can. LARGE.

6.)I need a tooth brush and tooth past

7.) I need batteries for my camera because it douse not charge. it takes double AA's

8.) I need a pair of compression shorts so I don't get my garments all gross anymore then they are already getting when I play basketball and work out. (Large)

9.) sweatshirt LARGE and if y'all could send two, one for when its cold and one for p-days the one for p-days can it be not as thick so I can also work out in it and go on hicks in it both hoodies.

that is everything so far if there is anything else I will let y'all know other wise I love you all and miss you so much.

I'll talk to you next week and I'll email you some picture next week I forgot my camera back at the apartment.



Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 11, 2015

Marley is getting big and so is McKenna they look cute Lyla is so funny she like posses in every picture haha that makes me smile.

little Ethan isn't so little any more. and haha grandpa is pushing dad that funny :) the garage is looking good. this email wasn't a noval this time haha I love you mom and I really happy I got the chance to talk to you and everyone else. I got Collin email finally and he said that he is looking forward to helping dad out at the track and that he is soon to be out on his own in his own house. pretty crazy I know haha but he's doing well with work so far.

I'm excited to Skype again at Christmas I will have longer time to Skype then is what I have been told so I can talk longer. I for got my list at the apartment so here is just a few things that I can remember,

1.) I need a new pair of shorts

2.) I need some more soap

3.) a hoodie and a couple of nice sweaters not so big but so I can wear them with my church cloths

4.) I need a flash drive the assistants are going to put some music on it for me, elder Marcelin is leaving and he has all the music that we are aloud to listen to and I don't have anything.

5.) if you could send me two pairs of wrangles now that I have lost a lot of weight I need new pants.

6.) I need a new tooth brush and some more tooth past.

7.) I need some nice sun glasses the sun is killing me over here.

8.) some more socks preferably socks that I can also play basketball in so I don't keep ruining my church socks

9.)pictures of everyone and of max...

10.) I'll email you the rest off the list that I need next week but for now that is what I need.

If you want to put music on the flash drive for me that would be grate, we can listen to the tabernacle, EFY, national tribute, the work, conference talks, primary songs, hymns, and john by the way.

I love you all and I will talk to you next week


Friday, May 8, 2015

May 4, 2015

well this past week has been full of goods and bad we've had a lot of lessons fall through and a lot of people move out of the ward.

we are finally have my first baptism on this Saturday I'm really excited.

transfer meeting has not come yet it is on the 20th of this month so it'll be here soon but I'm not worried about it the lord will put were ever I am needed. we have so many meals set up for this week I'm really happy because not only do I get food but the meals that we have planed for are with members I have not yet gotten to know so that's really cool. every one thinks that elder Marcelin my trainer is going to be leaving when trasfers come around and that i'll be staying in my first area. I guess we'll find out haha :) I'm really glade that everything is going well at home.

I could of said I told you so to dad :) we aren't cat people haha :) so good to hear that y'all are getting ride of it.

dang I hope y'all can find a female for max that would be so awesome. but all's fails he will still be around for a good time so not worried :)

I love you both and miss you a lot!!!

I can't wait for this Sunday to finally Skype home. I get to talk to my momma yay !!!

so we are going to a members house for mothers day she is going to feed us I think around four my time so I would say because I'm not sure what time for sure. to be watching for Skype to be ringing around two o'clock my time between then and six or seven its a huge block but that's around the time zone of us going over to sister Williams house.

pretty cool that grandma has e a package for me full of goodies :) can't wait for that.

I love you all okay I just found out the for sure time that we will be on Skype we will be on at5pm our time so be ready I don't want to waste any time :)  I love you all and can't wait to hear back from y'all soon say hi to Collin for me if y'all see him.

tell everyone in the ward that I miss them and I hope all is well.

love always JOHNNY


Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 27th, 2015

I'm doing wonderful this transfer has flown by so fast its almost over we have a couple more people on date to be baptized.

and dang mom that really is short haha I didn't pass out :) I haven't got the letter you wrote me but I did get the package it was great I literately jump like twelve feet when I saw the key in the mail box knowing that I got a package :) lots of mac n cheese thanks I think all be set on those for the next few months :)

tell Jill thanks for the letter it almost made me cry but I sucked it up I've come to know for my self as I've dedicated my like to the lord. and have mad a commitment to leave everything in his hands as well as to be exactly obedient to the set rules and commandments witch I have promised to keep those that he has prepared for me to teach will come and miracles will happen in do time.

I smiled ear to ear once I saw my boots I got permission from president Harding to wear them while tracting, man I miss wearing them church shoes hurt my feet when walking some odd miles a day.

the Wal-Mart card helped out a lot I think I finally got the hint on saving money and that I need to watch what I buy and eat everyday. I think last Wednesday was the cheapest I have ever bought food.

that's really cool that dad is in charge of the whole shop now. I hope it stays that way for a long time, how many rookies do we have racing now?

 y'all should film dads races so that I can see them when I come home.

now to answer your questions, how I'm really feeling I still get a little home sick here an there but I try not to dwell on it for too long, what's new?

I guess what is new over here is that its like extremely hot and we have found I think two more family's to teach both really big.. one of the family's has eight girls we actually referred them over to the sisters because the dad is rarely home.

the other family that we ran in to while tracting is a family of nine they have six kids with another on the way this family is pretty solid while we where walking down there street the kids hollered at us to come over and they asked for a book of Mormon probably not knowing what it really was idk but we went over and asked if there parents were home and the mom cam out with a huge smile on her face saying that she has been praying for people like us to come to her door. she came to church last week and at the end of sacrament meeting she gave elder Marcelin and I a hug with tears in her eyes. then she asked when we where coming back over. as well as stating that she was in the place where she belonged. it was a miracle the lord leads us to those who are spiritually fed and that are ready to hear the restored gospel. I'm extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to serve and to represent my heavenly father. in doing his work on the earth to day.

thank you for the package full of mac n cheese I love it, and thank you Jillian for the letter that you sent me it means a lot :) 

can't wait for the other package with the pictures in it of max and everyone else. I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon:)

mothers day is coming fast I can't wait to Skype home...



April 27th, 2015- Johns testimony

Georgia is pretty cool I wouldn't live here but I'm growing to love the people and the hospitality of witch they have for others.

the south is defiantly a different story every buddy is always in a rush to get somewhere. they do feed you good but everything is pretty much deep fried, the weather I with is was not so hot but what can you do :) I'm serving in the stone mountain area and I'm finishing up my second transfer in my first area. transfer meeting is coming up soon and there is a chance that I may or may not be staying here in stone mountain but I'm prepared to follow and to go where I'm needed. the mission field is amazing I have felt the change in witch I have grown and my testimony has gotten a lot stronger. I have been praying longer and more meaningfully. my companion elder Marcelin is great he looks after me and helps me with the things that struggle with. president Harding is amazing and is also a huge blessing to have he has left a great example in witch the lord has instructed him to do so to help us as missionary's to follow. the vision to baptize has gotten a lot bigger since I have been praying for those that I have been teaching so that I might be able to help them in what they are struggling with as they go down the path of rightness, and strive to that goal of baptism and receiving the gift of the holy ghost. I have grown so close to all of the investigators that I have come in contact with and I hope and pray each and every day that they might be able to see the light in Christ as they follow his example. I love this church and I know in my heart that it is true. I love my saver and redeemer he is my light and my example in all things. I'm grateful for the many blessing that I have in this life. I'm grateful for his atonement and for the great sacrifice that he went through for me to get back to my father in heaven again. I know that these things are true and I leave these things with in his name Jesus Christ Amen.     

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 20, 2015

that was almost a novel haha just kidding, but I'm super glad that everything is going well back home. the mission has changed my life tremendously. I'm so grateful to be leading by an example for not only my siblings but also all of my cousins. its really cool that you are able to walk around the track every time your there mom that's exciting to know that when I come home we can go on walks. dang I told you that we are not cat people haha just kick dad in the butt for being a softy and bring them home. :) jk don't do that but it is his fault :)    

so dad there are three new drivers now who are they and are they any good? well I guess you'll find that out on Saturday when y'all have your practice man excited to hear how the season is going once it starts up again. I'm glad to hear that my truck isn't going anywhere haha that makes me happy. I hope that your car does better for you this time around during the season take video of this season and the next so I can watch them when I come home.

did y'all get any names from grandpa on where our relatives live over here in Georgia so that when and if I'm in the area I can possibly drop in and teach them but also say hi.

nice my package is here I'll probably get it tomorrow at the temple I get to finally attend I've been waiting since I got here to get the chance to go.

this transfer is almost over and I'm either staying here in the same area our getting transferred out to another area. pretty exciting.

Mom the few things that I want you to do for me when y'all go down to New Mexico is (1.) give everyone there a huge hug for me and let them know how I'm doing. (2.) take a picture with everyone and send it out this way that would be cool to have of everyone.( 3.) can you send me a aggies sweatshirt or a Arizona diamondbacks sweatshirt that would be really awesome . and last but not least (4.) some rocky mountain chocolate man I miss that stuff :) that's pretty much it.

give max a hug and a kiss for me.

I love you all and miss you so much talk to you soon god bless.


(Elder Black)   

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

I didn't get eny pictures :( but I glade y'all are doing great I still cant believe that y'all got a cat....

haha that crazy that Mr. Mulkey got fired haha that's kinda funny no one liked him and dang Mr. Holland is leaving that was fast I wander who the next principle is going to be?

 that's great mom that your legs are feeling better and that you are able to walk at the track I can't wait to Skype home here in a few weeks!!! I'm so excited.

I hope y'all find a another dog for MAX to have puppy's that would be awesome.

and Jillian is in a play what is the play called?

dang dad smurf is running again hahah that's gonna be something :) send me some videos of some of your races. I hope that my truck's still hanging around :) give max a hug for me, still waiting for that package to arrive. I really need that card y'all are putting together for me for food. and if you could possible send something to help budget my money better for food that will help.

I love you all so very much and miss you!

our baptisms are coming along I haven't had my first baptism yet we had to tell them because we as well as the ward felt that they aren't ready so we saw them yesterday and asked them to be honest with us and tell us if they were ready they said now so we went through all the lessons twice and got nowhere they still don't know who joseph smith and it doesn't help that they can't read and have a learning disability.

so we ask them to commit to two things one was to start having family home evening and teaching at least one of the lessons that we have gone over so that they can have a better under standing on everything. and two was to pray as a family on there baptismal date so that we don't keep setting one up for them to achieve for and end up not knowing squat that we've taught them.

enyways that's pretty much what my week consist of.

love you all and miss you!!!!


elder black