Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 27, 2015

hey every one i'm sorry that i haven't been very exciting in my emails, i don't really know how to be.

i can't seem to figure out to be more emotional or enthusiastic through email. i also want to say i'm sorry for not pictures very often I've been trying to look for a cheep cord to transfer over my pictures to the computer because i have lost my other one..... then last week we were at a car show with an investigator and i was trying to take a really cool picture on the other side of this fountain of this sweet 1970 an half split bumper Camero, i slipped and fell some what into the water and my camera stopped working.... these may seem like excuses but i promise they are not. i've been trying to look around for a cheep camera and haven't found one.

i truly am sorry mom that my emails haven't been more jam packed with cool experiences and more info. i'm trying so hard to be a good missionary and to focus on the work and trying to keep my mind off home and other things that i don't need to worry about......

i'm still trying and i'll keep trying.

honestly this week has been pretty good president foote likes to call more often with all of the missionary's then president Harding did. so that's pretty cool that we get to talk to him on more of a daily basis. we have a baptism coming up on the first of august a young girl of the age of nine and she is super excited to be baptized and to follow Jesus Christ example, along with her grandmother's too.

i really wish i could sent off some picture to ya'll because i have changed a little maybe in size no i'm not getting fat or huge but my face is looking a little more full if that makes sense.... it probably doesn't but oh well.

i really wish the mission life was more exciting or i guess more a peeling of a story to give out, either that or i'm just really bad at telling it i don't know, it's probably that i'm not good at telling it. i love the mission and i love learning and growing out here in the field even getting to know my companions and what they are like...... honestly elder Holt is going home in two weeks....... that's most likely the nicest way and appropriate way to put it. i have leaned a little from him but other then that... like i said he's going home in two weeks.

this week has started off good i rally hope that it ends well. last week i did not email grandma or really anyone else but ya'll and the mission president that was all. i'll try and get better at that as well. well tell everyone that i said hi and that i miss them. and the tell JILL that her cool picture will be sent off as soon as possible..... i hope to hear from Ya'll soon.

ya'lls missionary


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