Friday, May 29, 2015

May 27, 2015

well this week has been pretty fun labor day week end was bla no one was home and we tracted for like all day it seemed and not a single door opened up. my new companion is 6'5" and out weighs me by 100 pounds tall blond guy from Idaho Dra-Rome, Idaho his name is Elder hope.

He's really into football and basketball we get along a lot better then Elder Marcelin and I Did. he's a lot laid back and for some reason likes to try and wrestle me all the time. turns into our morning work out. the mission field is getting a lot better I'm kind of excited that I got to stay in my area but at the same time I wanted to move. I finally got my baptism last Saturday we baptized five people the sisters had two and we had three. one of my converts moved out of our ward boundary's so we have to referral over to that area to start his new member lessons the other two are doing well.

what else is new back home I know y'all are heading to New Mexico here soon that's really cool be sure to say hi to everyone for me and to give everyone a huge hug too. don't get too tan while your down there I still need to beat you and being tanner haha :) I love you all and miss one last thing before I go can you send me a sweatshirt that I can wear in the rain its really to hot to wear my heavy coat and it rains so hard here you get soaked in two seconds it rains so much.

love you and miss you hope to hear from you soon.



May 18, 2015

well its really good to have the privilege and ability to have this emailing I don't know what I would do with out it.

transfer news is that I'm staying in the area and Elder Marcelin is leaving so my address is still the same. but if you have already sent things off I'll be at transfers on Wednesday.

the family that fell off is back on date and are getting baptized this week end we didn't want to hold it back any longer just in case they decided to bail again. so I will finally get my first baptism on the mission I'm really happy and excited.

alright so I sent off a letter and it has the rest of my list on it as well as my scripture for my plaque.

but I guess this way would be faster right :)

so here are some of the other things that I need. I did bring my list.

1.) shorts same size that you got my other shorts in will do fine. (Large)

2.) wranglers I need a size 34-34 on those because of the way the members have been feeding us lately I might gain some of that weight back I hope not but just in case that size will be good.

3.) sun glasses nice ones if you can ones that wont break on me.

4.) I need another pair of PJ's light and not so thick so I can wear them in the summer time it gets so hot hear last night it was 85' degrees out side and pretty humid we have like three fans running in our apartment with the AC running on high and at its lowest temperature. (Large)

5.) I need a couple more shirts (crew neck) if you can. LARGE.

6.)I need a tooth brush and tooth past

7.) I need batteries for my camera because it douse not charge. it takes double AA's

8.) I need a pair of compression shorts so I don't get my garments all gross anymore then they are already getting when I play basketball and work out. (Large)

9.) sweatshirt LARGE and if y'all could send two, one for when its cold and one for p-days the one for p-days can it be not as thick so I can also work out in it and go on hicks in it both hoodies.

that is everything so far if there is anything else I will let y'all know other wise I love you all and miss you so much.

I'll talk to you next week and I'll email you some picture next week I forgot my camera back at the apartment.



Sunday, May 17, 2015

May 11, 2015

Marley is getting big and so is McKenna they look cute Lyla is so funny she like posses in every picture haha that makes me smile.

little Ethan isn't so little any more. and haha grandpa is pushing dad that funny :) the garage is looking good. this email wasn't a noval this time haha I love you mom and I really happy I got the chance to talk to you and everyone else. I got Collin email finally and he said that he is looking forward to helping dad out at the track and that he is soon to be out on his own in his own house. pretty crazy I know haha but he's doing well with work so far.

I'm excited to Skype again at Christmas I will have longer time to Skype then is what I have been told so I can talk longer. I for got my list at the apartment so here is just a few things that I can remember,

1.) I need a new pair of shorts

2.) I need some more soap

3.) a hoodie and a couple of nice sweaters not so big but so I can wear them with my church cloths

4.) I need a flash drive the assistants are going to put some music on it for me, elder Marcelin is leaving and he has all the music that we are aloud to listen to and I don't have anything.

5.) if you could send me two pairs of wrangles now that I have lost a lot of weight I need new pants.

6.) I need a new tooth brush and some more tooth past.

7.) I need some nice sun glasses the sun is killing me over here.

8.) some more socks preferably socks that I can also play basketball in so I don't keep ruining my church socks

9.)pictures of everyone and of max...

10.) I'll email you the rest off the list that I need next week but for now that is what I need.

If you want to put music on the flash drive for me that would be grate, we can listen to the tabernacle, EFY, national tribute, the work, conference talks, primary songs, hymns, and john by the way.

I love you all and I will talk to you next week


Friday, May 8, 2015

May 4, 2015

well this past week has been full of goods and bad we've had a lot of lessons fall through and a lot of people move out of the ward.

we are finally have my first baptism on this Saturday I'm really excited.

transfer meeting has not come yet it is on the 20th of this month so it'll be here soon but I'm not worried about it the lord will put were ever I am needed. we have so many meals set up for this week I'm really happy because not only do I get food but the meals that we have planed for are with members I have not yet gotten to know so that's really cool. every one thinks that elder Marcelin my trainer is going to be leaving when trasfers come around and that i'll be staying in my first area. I guess we'll find out haha :) I'm really glade that everything is going well at home.

I could of said I told you so to dad :) we aren't cat people haha :) so good to hear that y'all are getting ride of it.

dang I hope y'all can find a female for max that would be so awesome. but all's fails he will still be around for a good time so not worried :)

I love you both and miss you a lot!!!

I can't wait for this Sunday to finally Skype home. I get to talk to my momma yay !!!

so we are going to a members house for mothers day she is going to feed us I think around four my time so I would say because I'm not sure what time for sure. to be watching for Skype to be ringing around two o'clock my time between then and six or seven its a huge block but that's around the time zone of us going over to sister Williams house.

pretty cool that grandma has e a package for me full of goodies :) can't wait for that.

I love you all okay I just found out the for sure time that we will be on Skype we will be on at5pm our time so be ready I don't want to waste any time :)  I love you all and can't wait to hear back from y'all soon say hi to Collin for me if y'all see him.

tell everyone in the ward that I miss them and I hope all is well.

love always JOHNNY


Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 27th, 2015

I'm doing wonderful this transfer has flown by so fast its almost over we have a couple more people on date to be baptized.

and dang mom that really is short haha I didn't pass out :) I haven't got the letter you wrote me but I did get the package it was great I literately jump like twelve feet when I saw the key in the mail box knowing that I got a package :) lots of mac n cheese thanks I think all be set on those for the next few months :)

tell Jill thanks for the letter it almost made me cry but I sucked it up I've come to know for my self as I've dedicated my like to the lord. and have mad a commitment to leave everything in his hands as well as to be exactly obedient to the set rules and commandments witch I have promised to keep those that he has prepared for me to teach will come and miracles will happen in do time.

I smiled ear to ear once I saw my boots I got permission from president Harding to wear them while tracting, man I miss wearing them church shoes hurt my feet when walking some odd miles a day.

the Wal-Mart card helped out a lot I think I finally got the hint on saving money and that I need to watch what I buy and eat everyday. I think last Wednesday was the cheapest I have ever bought food.

that's really cool that dad is in charge of the whole shop now. I hope it stays that way for a long time, how many rookies do we have racing now?

 y'all should film dads races so that I can see them when I come home.

now to answer your questions, how I'm really feeling I still get a little home sick here an there but I try not to dwell on it for too long, what's new?

I guess what is new over here is that its like extremely hot and we have found I think two more family's to teach both really big.. one of the family's has eight girls we actually referred them over to the sisters because the dad is rarely home.

the other family that we ran in to while tracting is a family of nine they have six kids with another on the way this family is pretty solid while we where walking down there street the kids hollered at us to come over and they asked for a book of Mormon probably not knowing what it really was idk but we went over and asked if there parents were home and the mom cam out with a huge smile on her face saying that she has been praying for people like us to come to her door. she came to church last week and at the end of sacrament meeting she gave elder Marcelin and I a hug with tears in her eyes. then she asked when we where coming back over. as well as stating that she was in the place where she belonged. it was a miracle the lord leads us to those who are spiritually fed and that are ready to hear the restored gospel. I'm extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to serve and to represent my heavenly father. in doing his work on the earth to day.

thank you for the package full of mac n cheese I love it, and thank you Jillian for the letter that you sent me it means a lot :) 

can't wait for the other package with the pictures in it of max and everyone else. I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon:)

mothers day is coming fast I can't wait to Skype home...



April 27th, 2015- Johns testimony

Georgia is pretty cool I wouldn't live here but I'm growing to love the people and the hospitality of witch they have for others.

the south is defiantly a different story every buddy is always in a rush to get somewhere. they do feed you good but everything is pretty much deep fried, the weather I with is was not so hot but what can you do :) I'm serving in the stone mountain area and I'm finishing up my second transfer in my first area. transfer meeting is coming up soon and there is a chance that I may or may not be staying here in stone mountain but I'm prepared to follow and to go where I'm needed. the mission field is amazing I have felt the change in witch I have grown and my testimony has gotten a lot stronger. I have been praying longer and more meaningfully. my companion elder Marcelin is great he looks after me and helps me with the things that struggle with. president Harding is amazing and is also a huge blessing to have he has left a great example in witch the lord has instructed him to do so to help us as missionary's to follow. the vision to baptize has gotten a lot bigger since I have been praying for those that I have been teaching so that I might be able to help them in what they are struggling with as they go down the path of rightness, and strive to that goal of baptism and receiving the gift of the holy ghost. I have grown so close to all of the investigators that I have come in contact with and I hope and pray each and every day that they might be able to see the light in Christ as they follow his example. I love this church and I know in my heart that it is true. I love my saver and redeemer he is my light and my example in all things. I'm grateful for the many blessing that I have in this life. I'm grateful for his atonement and for the great sacrifice that he went through for me to get back to my father in heaven again. I know that these things are true and I leave these things with in his name Jesus Christ Amen.