Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

so this week was awesome my companion and I had the opportunity to witness on of the investigators of the district that I'm in get married that was very interesting haha i'll send y'all some pictures.

everyone is just getting so big "wow" Lila and Marley are so cute and really funny it stinks that Charlie is gone he was one of the greatest dog's in the world I'll miss him. James look's just the goofiest in his treky uniform haha but I did to so :)

along with this week being just the craziest well mission life is always crazy and full of up's and downs but along with all of the fun we've been having bummer news has come into our court and tried taking over the game. one of our investigators fell off date and has been pretty evasive with us not answering any of our phone calls or texts hasn't been to church and his baptism was suppose to be last Saturday. unfortunately it didn't happen. we are still trying to get a hold of him and figure things out can y'all pray for him his name is Yusuf.

this library that I'm at is really lame so I might not have any more time to email here in a few minutes i'll try to email a little later today.

let every one know that I love them and miss them so much.

love you mom and tell dad that I miss him and love him too.

make him a fathers day card for me. LOVE ALWAYS


June 8, 2015 testimony & email

scripture Mosiah ; 18:7 is what I've picked

testimony: I know that this church is the true restored church and that joseph smith is a true prophet of god who was given the authority from god the eternal father him self to go forth and re-establish the church of Jesus Christ of later day Saints, I know that President Tomas S. Monson is the prophet here on the earth today. I know that I was sent here and given a body and two amazing Earthly parents to lead and help guide me as well as teach me the gospel, I know that through there strong and faithful testimony I was able to learn and grow in the church. I know that Jesus Christ loves each and ever one of us and that he livestoday. I know that I have a loving and caring heavenly Father that sent his only begotten son to die for us so that we can live him again once more. I know that as a missionary I can learn to love the one's that I come in contact with and I can be the hand that helps them when they fall. I can show them the path which heavenly father has laid out for them. I love this gospel and this church I love my savior Jesus Christ and the example he sets for me. I love being a missionary and serving my heavenly Father. I love teach the amazing people here in Georgia, this mission is wonderful it has taught me so much. already even though I haven't been out that long. I love my mom and dad and the example they set for me and my siblings. and I leave these things with you in the name of our beloved savior and redeemer Jesus Christ amen.

so yesterday was fast Sunday and probably one of the most funniest fast and testimony meeting I have been so far it was suppose to be just short and brief testimony's but we have a lot of members that are resent converts form Baptist churches and they got up well some of them got up and when it was there turn it kind of turned into story time and they used a lot of body language it just was the funniest thing ever I tried to hold it in and be quiet but I just could not stop laughing I was a little quiet and we were in the back of the gym so we didn't make to much noise but man that was a great testimony meeting. and later on after church on of our investigator's that we went to go visit came out side and told us that she wanted to be baptized and that she wants to learn more about the church. yesterday was just awesome. differently strengthened my testimony.

this church is so true It hurts in side to see people just reject us or tell us that they are not interested. we had one older lady yell at us before we could even get to here drive way, to don't even think about it. just busted our bubbles and we kept walking. Elder Hope say's hello and so does the rest of our district they are all here at our library today. I' really excited for this week to continue and to go out and find more folks to teach this beautiful message that we have to share with them. my heart just fills with joy when I see them except this great blessing of the gospel into there lives. I hope to sent y'all some picture this next week my camera has been dead for the past transfer because I haven't had any batteries for it so hopefully I can get some to you here soon.

 I love you all and miss you  keep me in your prayers and pray that Elder Hope and I continue to do well and keep baptizing and finding folks to teach the restored gospel.



June 1, 2015

haha why don't you want to give max a hug and a kiss you'll just smell like wet dog for awhile and have nice slobbery kisses on your face :)

anyways haha its really nice to here everyone is doing well it feels like yesterday I emailed y'all so it's like I don't much to email but I can tell you a couple of story's that have happened here recently.

transfers came around and now I have the hulk as my comp and we baptized three people last weekend, I was very excited and spiritually over happy if that makes sense. we are trying to teach our new investigator her name is Michelle Taylor and she is just full of story's its like story time every time we go over to her house. :) we are also teaching a pretty solid family the lowery's  there name is spelt differently so the computer doesn't like it but they are a really cool family of five ages from 18 to 48 Dalton sr. is 48 and his wife Barbra is 47 and they have four children but we only see three so we say family of five Dalton jr. is next and he's a police officer he doesn't like it when his brother and dad call him five-o haha I think its kind of funny and he's 25, the next one is Walter he performs every night at the club he raps brother cairns calls it crap and gives him a hard time. his stage name is wolf and I call him wolfy but he say's I'm only aloud to call him that he calls me black so I guess it works. last one is Desiree she just turned 18 last week the whole time I thought she was like 21 but I guess not everyone picks on her cause she's the little one they feed us pretty good every once in a while. they're pretty solid as well. we have another baptism coming up which will make this one number four if you count Ashley's baptism but its Just three for me on the mission his name is Yusuf he's from Nigeria and he's really big into soccer age is 22 and he doesn't talk that much but he is super solid and ready to be splashed into the waters of baptism haha:) so far that's it other then that the mission is doing great I'm doing well and healthy we had a really good breakfast this morning I made pancakes bacon and eggs for my companion and I it was so good. today is kind of like our calibration for our baptisms we are going to Applebee's for lunch today a member is buying the district lunch there and then we are eating at another members house for dinner tonight. pretty busy day I love you all and hope to hear from you soon. still waiting on those packages y'all said were coming. hope my home card comes with them :)

alright well gotta run lave ya and miss you lots!!