Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015

so this week was awesome my companion and I had the opportunity to witness on of the investigators of the district that I'm in get married that was very interesting haha i'll send y'all some pictures.

everyone is just getting so big "wow" Lila and Marley are so cute and really funny it stinks that Charlie is gone he was one of the greatest dog's in the world I'll miss him. James look's just the goofiest in his treky uniform haha but I did to so :)

along with this week being just the craziest well mission life is always crazy and full of up's and downs but along with all of the fun we've been having bummer news has come into our court and tried taking over the game. one of our investigators fell off date and has been pretty evasive with us not answering any of our phone calls or texts hasn't been to church and his baptism was suppose to be last Saturday. unfortunately it didn't happen. we are still trying to get a hold of him and figure things out can y'all pray for him his name is Yusuf.

this library that I'm at is really lame so I might not have any more time to email here in a few minutes i'll try to email a little later today.

let every one know that I love them and miss them so much.

love you mom and tell dad that I miss him and love him too.

make him a fathers day card for me. LOVE ALWAYS


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