Tuesday, July 28, 2015

June 22, 2015

hey everyone :)

so transfer news came today I'm getting transferred this Wednesday heading to my second area.

I don't remember all of the questions that you asked last Monday, please send them again and I'll be shore to answer them.

Fathers day we had stake conference and it was awesome we had a general authority come and speak to us funny his talk was a lot on how when he was a missionary and he was told over and over to go home and to start dating right away then get married.

his talk ended up being on that kind of subject mainly towards all the young people that were there and listening, also he started talking to the missionary as well.

we had two investigators there and they said that they felt the spirit a lot when the stake president and his counselors got up and talked. our mission President also was there and he had a really good talk on family's and how much they are so important he also talk a little bit on how his journey here has been and expressed his gratitude and love to all that has been a part of his life and the missionary's lives.

for Fathers day dinner we went to a new members home and they fed us these fish tacos that the wife said was her home town famous fish tacos..... they used fish sticks out of a box and Mexican rice  with some home made ranch and then normal tacos toppings.

I started to tell them that we had fish tacos once but our family favorite is chicken tacos. well my favorite.

I still ate it, it was good Elder hope had like seven of them tells you how much he liked them.

so this is my last p-day here in the twin oaks ward, i got a call this morning from the AP's about transfer news and they told me that i'll be going to a car share area so I'll be able to ride my bike i already told you that haha :) my bad.

we get to meet our new mission President here in the next couple of weeks. pretty excited for that i wonder how he's going to be.

so down here it may be all muggy and gross but it is really really  hot but its cool cause i don't burn at all I've been tanning real good :)

alright well i love you all and miss you thanks for the support. hope to hear from you soon.



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