Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 20, 2015

so...... haha not getting any skinnier......

the mission field is really good i've learned so much being out.

we got weighed and measured the other day, and i'm currently at 185 pounds, and i'm finally at 6'1" but they said that i'm probably not growing any more then that.

bummer ha i thought that i was going to be taller then dad..... i guess i can just settle for being taller then mom :) haha love you....

our new mission President really likes me and said in our interview that i might be in leadership roll sooner then i think.

sister foote automatically new who i was from day one. she said that my name was the first one that she could get down, and she automatically remembered where i came out from along with saying that they are very familiar with the coos bay area. pretty cool right.

i've learned so much about the gospel that i didn't know before probably because i didn't pay much attention in seminary..... sure wish i did.....

for the longest time i've a lot of questions and have been confused with all the other questions the people have asked us.... not being able to answer those questions really bugged me to the point where i had a meeting with the bishop in Dallas ward that i'm serving now.... a lot of the questions that i had asked him are pretty simple and not very hard questions but have no answers to them..... so i looked to our father in heaven, and fasted along with diligent scripture study..... and all i acquired was a since of peace and convert, knowing that i guess those random questions that where bugging the heck out of me didn't matter.... and that i needed to keep focused on the work at hand.

because of these examples and experiences that i have had my testimony has grown sincerely stronger then i have ever thought it could. this week has been more ...... not only exciting but worth while to go out and to share the gospel with everyone i came in contact with.

my prayers have become more sincere and meaningful. i feel like my relationship with heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has become more dear to my heart then has ever before in my life.

you have always asked how i'm doing and if i have had any spiritual experiences..... i'd have to say that has been the biggest one yet, and i for awhile i just tried to do the tough guy thing and not worry about it thinking that it would just go away sooner or later.

my mission has become more of a learning/ growing experience for me as not only a young man but as a priesthood holder as well. i just want ya'll to know that a completely honor and respect the both of you for being amazing parents and for helping one another to raise the three of us kids. and want to apologize for all the.......trouble haha that we caused you growing up.

thanks for pushing me through school and struggling haha well dealing with ....... me

i love you so much and am grateful to have the both of you in my life.

that's really cool that Collin is going to be helping dad out when he can..... i'm glade that he is staying out of trouble some what hahaha.......

maybe if i play my cards right and do what i'm told to do and follow all the rules, as well as being exactly obedient to the mission and the commandments..... that heavenly father will bless me in showing my that path that i need to take further in the future.

hopefully the odds will be in my favor and things will work out.......

so the things that i really need other then money..... are.....

(1) i really need a camel pack.

(2) my waste size is 34. and length is 34 as well.

(3) mhmm... i need new shoes my shoes are goners for sure!!

(4) i also need a new suit the crotch in my light suit tore all the way up, and i asked if some one could be able to fix it, and they said that i'm better off getting a new suit all together.

other then these things, that is really what i need honestly...... 

alright well i love you and tell everyone that i miss them.

hope to hear from yall soon, haha stay out of trouble.....


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