Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 6, 2015

well this week has been extremely laid back and we haven't taught very many people since i have got into this area but the work is still pressing on strong.

my new companion Elder Holt is really cool and we get along really well other then our differences he's defiantly a city boy and knows nothing about cars and or animals. but other then that he's really cool so far one of my favorite comps.

the sister that got in the car wreck is in Utah and i don't really know very much other then that.

our new mission President is really cool a lot more easy going then President Harding.

the slide shows that he and sister Foote showed where really cool and it had some pretty nice music to go along with there presentation.

President Foote is really Awesome. i like him.

I have not yet met Elder Gillespie but maybe will later on in the mission.

in the past few weeks i haven't had any spiritual experiences but hopefully soon here in the near future i will.

any weird experiences uhmmm...... not that i know of but stay in tuned and i'm sure something will happen.

the pictures that ya'll have sent me are really small when i click on them to see them better they just get smaller is there a way that you can send them bigger?

haha i hope to hear from all ya'll very soon.

i love you all 


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