Tuesday, July 28, 2015

July 13, 2015

dang sounds like a pretty chaotic week :) did you get my fathers day card?

man i miss the track and every buddy.....

my new area is really fun and exciting very country.

my new companion Elder Holt is really cool we get along pretty well.

being on bike on week and in a car the next.... is pretty hard..... but i manage :)

we've been working out hard in the mornings and i hat to admit i'm either getting fat or i'm getting big one of the two.

i weighed my self this morning and i'm sitting at 198!! when ever we are on bikes it feels like we are back at the YMCA in the bike room just sprinting hard on those bikes again.

but in this case we are on hills  and biking back up those things man i tell ya....

but the work is going well and these past few weeks have been a little hard..... mainly because on the 4th there was a tragedy.... the ensign ward lost a very special person..

we were helping take down the flags of the fallen solders here in Paulding county and we finished before the fire truck that we were on in the morning and no accidents accrued thankfully.

but that afternoon as the fire truck was coming around in the parking lot where we met up at, with the momentum the truck was caring the elders quarm in the ensign ward flew off and hit his head. at first it didn't seem real as we all watch so helplessly........ automatically the fire department was at the seen but the priesthood was the first to respond and we gave him a blessing leaving the rest in the lords hands. on the way... to the hospital in the helicopter he was brain dead and there was nothing else they could do. the funeral was this past Saturday..... very sad day for everyone here in this area he was a very well known man.

Sunday was full of the topic on the supreme courts discussion and over ruling with all the state now having to marry gay couples...... idk but what has this country come too...... other then all this crazy and sad stuff going on.

a really need to get another suit though like really bad!!!! yesterday i was getting into a members car for a team up and my slacks ripped right up the middle, and my other suit that i came out with doesn't fit me any more....

very sad day because now i have to just wear one of my other slacks with just a white shirt and tie.

so i'm doing my best to pay more attention to the prompting of the spirit, and i'm on the 4th time going through the book of Mormon, my testimony for it has been strengthened.

i'm building my foundation very strong and i love serving and sharing the gospel with everyone i come in contact with.

its good to hear that max is doing well :) i still don't have a picture of him..... haha but i guess i can keep waiting for that to come.... :)

tell every one that i said hi and that i love them so much.

hope to hear from you soon, talk to ya'll later

were fixin to go play some ball with the zone.



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