Friday, May 29, 2015

May 27, 2015

well this week has been pretty fun labor day week end was bla no one was home and we tracted for like all day it seemed and not a single door opened up. my new companion is 6'5" and out weighs me by 100 pounds tall blond guy from Idaho Dra-Rome, Idaho his name is Elder hope.

He's really into football and basketball we get along a lot better then Elder Marcelin and I Did. he's a lot laid back and for some reason likes to try and wrestle me all the time. turns into our morning work out. the mission field is getting a lot better I'm kind of excited that I got to stay in my area but at the same time I wanted to move. I finally got my baptism last Saturday we baptized five people the sisters had two and we had three. one of my converts moved out of our ward boundary's so we have to referral over to that area to start his new member lessons the other two are doing well.

what else is new back home I know y'all are heading to New Mexico here soon that's really cool be sure to say hi to everyone for me and to give everyone a huge hug too. don't get too tan while your down there I still need to beat you and being tanner haha :) I love you all and miss one last thing before I go can you send me a sweatshirt that I can wear in the rain its really to hot to wear my heavy coat and it rains so hard here you get soaked in two seconds it rains so much.

love you and miss you hope to hear from you soon.



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