Saturday, May 2, 2015

April 27th, 2015

I'm doing wonderful this transfer has flown by so fast its almost over we have a couple more people on date to be baptized.

and dang mom that really is short haha I didn't pass out :) I haven't got the letter you wrote me but I did get the package it was great I literately jump like twelve feet when I saw the key in the mail box knowing that I got a package :) lots of mac n cheese thanks I think all be set on those for the next few months :)

tell Jill thanks for the letter it almost made me cry but I sucked it up I've come to know for my self as I've dedicated my like to the lord. and have mad a commitment to leave everything in his hands as well as to be exactly obedient to the set rules and commandments witch I have promised to keep those that he has prepared for me to teach will come and miracles will happen in do time.

I smiled ear to ear once I saw my boots I got permission from president Harding to wear them while tracting, man I miss wearing them church shoes hurt my feet when walking some odd miles a day.

the Wal-Mart card helped out a lot I think I finally got the hint on saving money and that I need to watch what I buy and eat everyday. I think last Wednesday was the cheapest I have ever bought food.

that's really cool that dad is in charge of the whole shop now. I hope it stays that way for a long time, how many rookies do we have racing now?

 y'all should film dads races so that I can see them when I come home.

now to answer your questions, how I'm really feeling I still get a little home sick here an there but I try not to dwell on it for too long, what's new?

I guess what is new over here is that its like extremely hot and we have found I think two more family's to teach both really big.. one of the family's has eight girls we actually referred them over to the sisters because the dad is rarely home.

the other family that we ran in to while tracting is a family of nine they have six kids with another on the way this family is pretty solid while we where walking down there street the kids hollered at us to come over and they asked for a book of Mormon probably not knowing what it really was idk but we went over and asked if there parents were home and the mom cam out with a huge smile on her face saying that she has been praying for people like us to come to her door. she came to church last week and at the end of sacrament meeting she gave elder Marcelin and I a hug with tears in her eyes. then she asked when we where coming back over. as well as stating that she was in the place where she belonged. it was a miracle the lord leads us to those who are spiritually fed and that are ready to hear the restored gospel. I'm extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to serve and to represent my heavenly father. in doing his work on the earth to day.

thank you for the package full of mac n cheese I love it, and thank you Jillian for the letter that you sent me it means a lot :) 

can't wait for the other package with the pictures in it of max and everyone else. I love you all and I hope to hear from you soon:)

mothers day is coming fast I can't wait to Skype home...



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