Friday, May 29, 2015

May 18, 2015

well its really good to have the privilege and ability to have this emailing I don't know what I would do with out it.

transfer news is that I'm staying in the area and Elder Marcelin is leaving so my address is still the same. but if you have already sent things off I'll be at transfers on Wednesday.

the family that fell off is back on date and are getting baptized this week end we didn't want to hold it back any longer just in case they decided to bail again. so I will finally get my first baptism on the mission I'm really happy and excited.

alright so I sent off a letter and it has the rest of my list on it as well as my scripture for my plaque.

but I guess this way would be faster right :)

so here are some of the other things that I need. I did bring my list.

1.) shorts same size that you got my other shorts in will do fine. (Large)

2.) wranglers I need a size 34-34 on those because of the way the members have been feeding us lately I might gain some of that weight back I hope not but just in case that size will be good.

3.) sun glasses nice ones if you can ones that wont break on me.

4.) I need another pair of PJ's light and not so thick so I can wear them in the summer time it gets so hot hear last night it was 85' degrees out side and pretty humid we have like three fans running in our apartment with the AC running on high and at its lowest temperature. (Large)

5.) I need a couple more shirts (crew neck) if you can. LARGE.

6.)I need a tooth brush and tooth past

7.) I need batteries for my camera because it douse not charge. it takes double AA's

8.) I need a pair of compression shorts so I don't get my garments all gross anymore then they are already getting when I play basketball and work out. (Large)

9.) sweatshirt LARGE and if y'all could send two, one for when its cold and one for p-days the one for p-days can it be not as thick so I can also work out in it and go on hicks in it both hoodies.

that is everything so far if there is anything else I will let y'all know other wise I love you all and miss you so much.

I'll talk to you next week and I'll email you some picture next week I forgot my camera back at the apartment.



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