Monday, November 23, 2015

November 16, 2015

hey y'all ,
so this week has been slow but great we have had so much stuff to do and are never board.... haha but that's missionary life for ya :) 
I have picture for yall I just have to find them and send them off.
I was able to go on a team up with our bishop son who just got back and we taught together like PBJ it was sick, we got a bunch of member presents  and have had so many new investigators its great. 
the work is going well and slowly building its way back up to where we had it.
Grandma Bobbie sent me a very thin sip up sweater but I love it and its nice to have cause I don't have any other sweatshirts, so I just put on like three shirts and then that sweater.
we have the temple this Thursday and I'm super stocked for that I can't wait. I love being able to feel the spirit there always. so sad news when we go to our zone training at the temple all of the mission cars are getting this little black box called a tiwi or something like that. which sucks because we( my companion) likes to drive super fast in really slow spots jk, but those little black box's monitor everything that the car does and beeps at you every time you break just a little to hard or take a turn to fast and or press down on the gas peddle to hard... first thing that came to my mind was ( dad haha we need to put one of those in his truck.... haha that would be funny no just kidin)
but we are doing great as a companionship some days I just want to through him out the window, but then there are other days that I love him to death.... kinda like another brother haha that I wish wasn't there all the time again joking but not really.... I'm super excited for this thanksgiving though like a lot I love this time of year, with all the trees turnin and changing colors, its beautiful.
well hot dog... I'm cold this library doesn't know what a heater is... hahaha 
how's aunt sandy and uncle mike doing can you tell them I said hi???  tell tony and Tina as well... and Jennifer& Mickey  that I love them all...
can you ask aunt Sandy to go and put flowers down for me please......
we I hope yall are having a great day and that yalls week are doin the same. LOVE YALL SO MUCH GOTTA RUN TALK TO YALL NEXT WEEK!!!!!

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