Sunday, November 8, 2015

October 26, 2015


this week was good. we have the Trunker treat coming up for the Cassville word

and there is going to be a chili cook off, and Elder Argyle and I are the judges for it. one of the brothers in the word is a BBQ master he says hahaha, but we'll see I love me some good BBQ. his name is brother holt and they just got back from one of the biggest BBQ competitions in the US. up in Tennessee.

and they got third place so I guess that's good.

Halloween is coming up and we have seen a lot of weirdo's out in bout, we thought that Wal-Mart had some weird ones late at night back home hahaha y'all haven't seen what Cartersville has to offer up. plus they are all huge rednecks and hillbilly's so I guess what get is what you get. I loved the picture that y'all sent thank you so much I needed them...

so this morning Elder Argyle and Elder Christian both talked me into drinking a shot of Apple cider vinegar, the worst thing that I have ever consumed in my entire life... I will never do that again.... they keep saying that it's healthy for you and I say my toe it is, now way will that be my diet plan.... hahaha

so you said that if I wanted to ask for anything I could... okay I have one more request for Christmas.....:) can y'all send MAX in a box, make sure that he is able to breath and that he has water on his way over thanks so much hahaha man I miss that dog.

how's McKenna doing is she getting better??

Mom you got my Christmas list right? 

I really hope y'all are having a great week thus far, I have a good one and plan to keep it up thanks for the prayers and the fasting as well I love all y'all so much. we have a baptism this Saturday @10:00am and we are so excited for it can't wait... well I love y'all please keep sending me pictures. even if they are weird and or awkward haha I love seeing all of them...


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