Monday, November 23, 2015

November 9, 2015

hey y'all,

sorry about last week I thought my email sent the whole thing..

so the update on the Cartersville zone, Cassville district we had transfers last week and my companion and I stayed in our area, thank goodness I didn't want to leave I love the folks here. we did have a baptism last transfer and I took pictures but I'm not able to send them off so y'all can see, because I lost my cord in my first area. I have been trying to get a new one here in Georgia but no one carries them in stock and I can't afford to order one. our baptism went really well the young lady that was baptized, her name is Kimberly
Barrios really solid young lady and has attended church regularly since her baptism, the bishop has spoken with her and is trying to help her to achieve her goal of getting to the temple. Its getting really cold down here in the south!!!

I could really use winter clothes, like thermals and a pull over sweat shirt.

its really cool that dad is the word mission leader... now, dad you need to be the sickest word mission leader ever... all the word mission leaders that I've had are worthless they don't follow through with anything that they say..

mom your going to be a great word missionary!!!!

so my shoes are fine there not falling apart on me yet so that's good.

my boots on the other hand they have seen better days the folks out here when they need service done around there house... its not just taking the trash out hahaha we do work and its really helped us to come closer to the word.

my bike is great finally got it broke in and it works like a champ.

but that should be about it I think uhmmmm......

mission field wise I think I have everything.... I think if there is anything that I need I'll figure it out and let y'all know in my next email.

it's really cool that the house is moving along well and that its finally getting all the things that y'all were talking about for it before I left.. and its about time that the down stairs is finally getting heat:) it used to be cold all the time.

my companion is doing fine still a little weird but you can't fix everything :)

no he's pretty cool beside the fact that he doesn't like to eat meat and doesn't eat much of anything. so in result of that we rarely ever have food in our pantry. our refrigerator is getting bare as we speak. no but close.

thanksgiving!!! I can't wait for the day its getting so close...... and then all the food will be here, I love the southern food and all the home cooking. we are booked at two family's houses we have the Wyman's for thanksgiving lunch and we have the Holt's for thanksgiving dinner.. and that morning we are have a turkey bowl I'm so stoked for that... its on thanksgiving morning bright and early:)

so there is a couple of things that I really really wish I had right about thermals for sure that a huge thing actually.... a beanie and a pull over hoodie... its so cold here and they keep saying that it's suppose to get even colder here real quick like... and I'm not ready for that clothes wise.

I hope that everything back home is well and that y'all are as excited for your callings as much as I am... I love being a missionary its the greatest!!

I'm good and this week has been great so far. and I hope that it keeps it up... I LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH...

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