Sunday, November 8, 2015

October 19, 2015

this week......

so this week we met with president Foote, and it went well and sister Foote I don't how she does it but she can get the emotions out of you I cried a bit when she started talking about home. I'm tying my best to stay focused on the work and those that I'm teaching, but everyday it gets harder and harder because I'm constantly reminded about the shootings and all the other stuff that is going on back in Oregon.... and its not that I try to find these things out but that members tell me every time that they see me.

the work is going well we have a baptism on Halloween, I'm super excited and happy for the individual that we are teaching she is so ready to follow the example of our savior.

some exciting things that are coming up, are we have a meeting with elder zwick of the seventy on Wednesday, and even cooler elder Holland is coming to our mission on December 12th super stoked about that.

we have a lot of good things happening here in our area the ward is slowly getting bigger that I'm serving in and the members here are great. we've had a lot of service opportunity's this month and we have gotten to know more and more about the ward and its members with helping them out around there house and in town.

so I did get grandma bobbies package, but I have not gotten grandma Sewell's letter(card).

I have not gotten the chance to meet elder Gillespie yet but I'm sure I will before the end of my mission unless he is in a different mission here in Georgia. I'll ask around and see if he is serving here in Atlanta.

alright so I need a charger cord/ USB cord that will hook up to the computer so I can transfer over pictures, to send home to y'all.


my Christmas list mainly consist of winter stuff thus far but also some other misc. stuff...

so there is this store that we go and store contact in a lot we there's two of them.

one of them is blue sky outfitters here in Cartersville, and the other one is called academy sports and they have some things that I really like its not a lot of stuff just a couple of things out of both stores, its getting really cold here and they say that its suppose to start snowing towards the end of October.

the other thing that I really want is a 32 gig flash drive so that I can have music now that president Foote has made it to where we can listen to music that I helps us stay up lifting... I really need some up lifting about now!

so the stuff that is at those stores is all cloths, like long sleeve shirts, PJ's, a sweater, two beanie's and some thermals along with some thick socks. that's all that I want for Christmas, oh wait I want a container of red lickerish.

I hope y'all are having a great week and that my head can focus more as well.

I love all y'all so much and miss y'all like crazy.... can't wait to hear from you soon love always JOHNNY        

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