Tuesday, September 22, 2015

September 8, 2015

hey y'all well this week has been full of fun i was able to have the experience of being a zone leader for three days...

we went on exchanges for the labor day weekend, and had a really cool experience with the area they put us in, there were so many people that we were able to connect with that have never heard the name Jesus Christ before.... that really hit me in such a way that my heart felt sorrow for them. we were able to connect real well with the ward and was able to get a lot of member referrals.

My knee for the past few weeks has been acting up and has mad it difficult for my to walk for a long period of time. the other week i woke up in such pain, i don't know if i kicked the wall or what but it hurt so bad that i was in tears, i honestly didn't want to tell y'all because i didn't want y'all to worry about me...

i have been using tiger balm every night before i go to bed to help it ease some pain through out the night.

i have been thinking for the past few days that the reason being while it hurts so much could be from the surgery that i had, but i really don't know.

we had a mission wide fast this past Sunday and President Foote had asked openly to all the missionary's if there was anyone on our minds that the mission could pray for, i had said y'all, Mckenna, and a bunch of the investigators that we have been teaching.

and later on the call there was three that had said my name as well as everyone back home. i don't know about y'all but i have felt all of those prayers, the past few days and i'm extremely grateful for the power of prayer, and the great joy and peace that it brings to our hearts.

so haha my suit i had gotten a 44 regular suit jacket and 34 wast size suit pants with the length of 34 as well,

if i happen to get a joice of what color it is, can it be black with pine strips if possible.

it's great that Sarah and Jonwayne are going to the temple that's really exciting :) 

can y'all say hi to Chelsea for me, :) if that's okay to do....

It's really cool that dad was able to come home and enjoy some family time and not have to worry about stressing over work, has work picked back up lately, or are the fires still going strong?

i haven't been able to hear much about it except what i get from members and there weather report that they give me. 

we have been praying hard for the northwest so they would have some heavy rain come there way. 

i have my camera this week so i'll send some picture to y'all here as soon as i can. 

Well i Love Y'all so much and i am very grateful to be out here on the mission, and to be able to re percent our loving savior and older brother in the gospel by bringing others to the light and great blessings.

i'm also proud to be able to re percent our family as well as the west coast.


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