Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 24, 2015

hey y'all 

well this week has been a little hard, with all the rain mainly because we are on bikes this week until Tuesday.

we had a somewhat spiritual week with experiences, i taught again in gospel principals class, and elders quorum, the bishop in the word that i'm serving in said that if i keep doing well that i'm gonna need to watch out.... when i go home because the bishop at home might have a calling waiting for me.... haha do not tell that part in your talk on Sunday....hahahaha

my companion has been out for a year now and is still trying to figure me out.... i said to him good luck.... but i have been nice and also tried to help him out with missionary work through out the week, we do get along pretty well, he keeps challenging me though every day and tells me that he's going to beat in all that we do. so i don't know weather or not he wants the rest of the transfer to be a competition..... hahaha he doesn't know how the black family play's ball :) but this companion though is way more fun to be around mainly because he has a sense of humor. and get's my jokes... the mission life on the other hand has been really good thus far. i love the people here in Georgia, they have probably the best hospitality around and absolutely loves talking about the savior witch makes life somewhat easier to teach them.  have James's senior picture come in yet?? did they turn out pretty good? where did y'all take them at?

so i ate it pretty good the other day on the way back to our apartment, and it started to rain and i was hollin down our apartment road, and as soon as i turned the corner and by back my back tire slipped out from under me and i hit this puddle hard... got up looked around like no one saw it and my companion was just laughing at me, had a nice bruise on my face for two days...

other then that hahahaha this transfer has been great... really hope that y'all are doing well and that all is well back home love you all...

tell everyone at the track that i said hi and that i miss them all... and tell dad congrats's on the win again that's really cool, have y'all been videoing any of the races??

can't wait for the package to get here... really excited tell Brianna and Jacob that i said hi and to give McKenna a hug and kiss for me...

also tell grandma and grandpa that i said hi as well.

tell grandpa chuck that i said hi tooo.


talk to you later...


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