Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 10, 2015

hey y'all so this week has been a blast we had one of our investigators come to church this Sunday!! yay haha 

Elder Holt and I both ate it pretty hard on our bikes this last Tuesday, haha and as soon as it happened i said...... hahaha don't tell mom!

😥😅😂😀 then we said said lets go down that hill again.... knowing that he was going home this Wednesday.

my bike is doing great if you were wondering, and i just have a new scare forming actually a couple forming on my left hand they are pretty cool...... not gonna lie it hurts real good :)

our resent convert i fon't think you got pictures of the baptism yet i think brother moss will send them here shortly... but they are headed back to salt lake here next week to be sealed together!!! i cried this last Sunday in sacrament meeting and tried to keep it to my self.... but the speaker saw me darn it. the talk just really hit home for me and i felt the spirit so strong... they both talk about family and some of they're life story's. i gave them both a hand shake and said thank you for your talk, and as i went in for there hand, sister Tatum gave me a hug and said your welcome. Saturday was really good we got to ride home in the rain after spending the afternoon with some deep southern baptist folks that was fun. oh i almost forgot yesterday afternoon after our ward got out and all of our meeting got done we also attended a baptist service we had agreed with this family that there would be no pros alighting and that we would just be there as friends. all the old folks in the service were asking so many good questions about the three kingdoms and whether or not they were going to see there family's again, or even be married to they're spouse. i wanted so bad to just turn to D&C and to answer there questions. but we couldn't. after we had left Linn the lady that we have become friends with followed us out and said how come y'all didn't say anything... and we were shocked, she then told us that she has a book of Mormon and the D&C with the pearl of great price... again we were really shocked and said have you been reading them. she said yes and no then asked if we could join them for dinner this Wednesday and talk alittle bit about these things. we said what time and now we have the rest of the family wanting on board as well.... i love DALLAS GEORGIA!!!! I knew sooner or later that the Lord would provide a way..... and not only did he answer our prayers but he answered some of our members prayers as well.... this family that we have been visiting and now have become really close to happens to be really well known in this small town. so that has been some of the most exciting news that i have thus far.... haha keep the Christian FAMILY in y'alls prayers that they will continue to flurrish and want to learn more of the gospel. that they will be able to feel all the blessings that heavenly father has in store for them.


so we got transfer news this morning and haha obviously my comp is going home!! yay :) 

I on the other hand, I am staying in my area to continue the work here in DALLAS. transfers are this WEDNESDAY.

I'm in desperate need of a new suit.. that's what i get for liking the Georgia southern food! my legs and behind are pretty big and now we are allowed to go to gyms as well and they are getting even bigger. biking has done them good :) i have ripped two pairs of slacks now and not on purpose i promise. i got my boots approved and now i can wear them all the time if i so choose. i have two white shirts that still fit pretty good enough that i can still breath. but i am at 195 now and still at 6"2' i have officially stopped growing upward and trying so hard not to grow outward.....

my wast size is still 34 and or the next size up but lets stick with 34 haha i'm doing my best to eat healthy and workout.

my hair is getting blonder and so far that's the update.

1st nephi 15;23-24  is the scripture for this week it has helped me out thus far and has kept me going through out this week and transfer.

nothing else really has happened thus far this transfer, i have a bunch of pictures to send off i got my camera some what working and it still takes pictures which is good. i'll send those off next week.

I love y'all so very much and hope to hear from you soon!!! LOVE ALWAYS JOHNNY

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