Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 4, 2015

hey yall i got permission from the mission president to come back to the library and finish emailing yall. 

yesterday ended up being really late for the afternoon which consisted on us not being able to come back and finish emailing....

transfers are coming up this week and my companion elder Holt is flying out and i am either getting a new missionary to train or just a regular.... but i am staying in the area, i'll find out more details next Monday. i did have a scripture to share with yall and i wrote it down, but guess what i did again.... i left it at the apartment right we got on the rode with our bikes i had remembered that i forgot something.... but my comp didn't want to turn around. did yall happen to get the picture from our p-day Yesterday, that was sent from a members phone in our district leaders area...... we played ping pong for most of the day, i found out that i am not good at everything haha then the rest of my district decided that we were going to play sting pong and guess what..... i lost at that as well i have a lot of welts on my back and i officially do not like that game any more!!

so today we were at district meeting and it turned out to be another day of picking on elder Black day's, then they brought out cupcakes and stated a surprise some what of a party for elder Holt..... just a bunch of piles :) but it was fun i did a training on Christ like attributes. as we were leaving my comp and the other two missionary's that are heading home as well stated singing a bunch of songs like i'm coming home, i'm leaving on a jet plain, your gonna miss me when i'm gone.... the rest of us decided to through a bunch of waded up paper at them to finally get them to stop there horrible singing... not that they chose bad songs because they didn't it was the fact that they are really bad at singing:)

i hope that this week gos by fast again like all the other one's this transfer, it's getting real hot down here and the bike have yet learned how to produce off air conditioning..... biking has got a whole lot easier not that i didn't know how to ride a bike before, well some missionary's would like to debate on that one. but it was the fact that 1) i was way out of shape when i got out here, and 2) i hated biking my first week now i would much rather be on a bike then in a car...... only if it would rain haha that would be real nice.

well i love ya'll and i really miss ya'll so much.... how's max doing?? i still would really like a picture of him. any way give him a hug and kiss for me... and i'll talk to ya'll next Monday and give ya'll more of an update with transfers and what's going on....


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