Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 17, 2015

so transfers was last week, my new companion in Elder Albertson, he is from Roy,UT

IT's a Miracle that Brianna&Jacob got McKenna in the children's hospital, i have had her in my thoughts through out the day, and in my prayers. i hope that she get well real soon.

I didn't have as of a spiritual experience as i did last week.

dang haha i'm sorry y'all went through with cleaning my room, hope that it didn't make anyone keel over :), is it clean now?? what did y'all do with everything?

sorry about your thermal cup..... i'll be you a new one....

dang tell Sarah (Messenger) that i said hi and that i hope she get's well.

"oh ya" i some what get along with my comp, he keeps him self on the safe side with all of his jokes. he is pretty funny but probably the biggest nerd that i have met... he is pretty smart well a lot smarter then me anyway. we are completely apposite, he is a red head and kinda lazy, not athletic at all so i haven't been able to run in the morning lately, but it's totally cool. he loves to clean which is awesome and he is very organized. our apartment is always clean now.

hahaha we i love y'all and i hope that y'all have an awesome week. 

To: Grandma & Grandpa 

hey y'all how are you? the mission field has been great thus far. i have learned so much.... i am grateful that the blessings that i have received have come off even more so for the family i saw picture of everyone and when my folks were down there visiting, everyone has grown so much and looks different. tell 
Brianna & Jacob that they are in my prayers, also tell them to give McKenna a hug and kiss for me.

has Grandpa grown out his beard again since he has been released from being a bishop?? or is he keeping his face clean shaved? 

it truly is a blessing to be on a mission and to hear that the great blessing that come from that are helping my family in so many ways. i love all y'all and i hope that everything is well where y'all are at.. hope to hear from y'all soon.


Elder Black (JOHNNY)

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