Tuesday, March 1, 2016

November 30, 2015

hey y'all

another week.... feels more like day's then weeks.

its really weird that the days start to feel like weeks and the weeks feel like day's.

I guess I could put it this way. only one more thanksgiving and only one more mothers day.... I miss y'all so much thanksgiving was hard!!

I haven't gone and done anything for my knee cause it hasn't been hurting...

and I will go and get my flue shot... this week.

its really good to hear that y'all had a good thanksgiving this year haha was there a lot of food??

what did y'all have...

transfers are Dec.16th and we haven't got any news yet about that, but will let y'all know.. I really hope that I will be able to stay here in Cassville next transfer both because I feel that I still need to be here and because its so close to Christmas it would stink to be transferred to another area right before Christmas and not know any buddy.. the area is doing great we had a test alarm for tornados here last week and we are suppose to have another one here next week, I didn't know that they could get tornados here... haha let's hope that doesn't happen any time soon!!!! that would suck.....

just yesterday we were able to find three new gators for our teaching pool, I'd say finally... we have been a little dry lately and the people we are teaching now are struggling to keep appointments around the holidays. we have this one family that we are teaching, that just like to butt heads with us and so I finally put my foot dawn and flat out told them why we are here once again.. and then told them that the next time we are over at there house, that we would be starting from ground zero and reading from the new testament all the way through the book of Mormon.. and we left them with a video from elder Holland that they watched before we left. I'm really hoping that we will be able to get through to them as we start to read with them.... sometime gators are so frustrating and you just want to picture that your throwing something at them... haha jk but really...... so I'm hoping that with these three newer folks we will be able to get some were. soooo good news though that I'm super excited about is that, we get to go to the temple with one of our recent converts. that young lady Kimberly that I told y'all about... so we're pretty excited about that.

anyways I really hope that this week go's good for y'all and the the doctor's will be able to help both you and dad, mom I can't wait to Skype home love y'all so much have an awesome week...

Love Always Johnny   

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