Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 8, 2016

hey y'all, so this week has been fun, to the extent of my knee......

I have an appointment tomorrow at 11am with a close physical therapy office, and I hope that all go's well...

it's good to hear that all is well and that things are still kicking over there.

so it's to bad that the super bowl this year ended up being orange and blue.... bummer I guess that Payton can finally retire now. just glade that it wasn't the panthers that won :)

it's super cool what members tell you even though we aren't suppose to know really anything about the outside world....

well at least for another year :D

so being in a bike area, with in the first three days the bike really irritated my knee enough to were I had to get a doctors appointment, they did an x-ray on it and did they're little test thing on my...you know the whole poke and bend/pull thing on my knee and they told me that my left knee is pretty weak and then they gave a new knee brace, well new to them anyway its the same one that I started out with the first time. personal opinion, I think that this knee brace sucks, all it does for my knee is squeeze the heck out of it and leaves bruise like lines all over it after I take it off at night...

so I'm really hoping that tomorrow go's well.

my companion say's hi and that he's trying to keep me in line.... haha he's a character, and which is good because I can't stand having a boring companion, that would suck again.

the new area like I said before is really rich and there are a lot of people here... luckily our area is only six miles by six miles.. grateful for that :D but its good. a pretty good area.

I really need a new suit haha this one is pretty worn and getting small. but just a wandering uhmmmm is there any possible way that I could get a home card so that I can get some souvenirs while I'm out here I really haven't been able to, and it being my last year I would like to come back with some things from my mission. if I can't get one then I guess that's fine but I was just wandering...

I hope that all continues to go well for everyone this week and that y'all have a great reat of your day I love y'all so much.

alright well i'll email y'all next week, love ya'll

always Johnny(Elder Black)  

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