Tuesday, March 1, 2016

December 14, 2015

hey y'all

this week has been pretty great..... okay super exciting!!!

we got the opportunity to go and hear from Elder Jeffery R. Holland.

last Saturday and it was... wow... I mean it was great I took a lot of great notes.

I even got to shake his hand and look him strait in the eyes, and tell him my name and were I'm from. he is such a great man.

we did get our transfer news yesterday and both Elder Argyle and I are staying in the area for another transfer.... 3 rounds here we go.

last transfer we were just on exchanges that's why y'all got different pictures.

I'm super excited because I get to stay in the same area for Christmas and the new year.. its awesome!!!!

say hi to Briana and Jacob for me and tell them that they are in my prayers. its good that McKenna is getting taken care of and that they are doing all that they can to help her. she is the cutest little girl. has Jacob finished schooling yet? he wanted to be a nurse right? or was it something else.

so because of our transfer news :) you can let everyone know that my address is still the same... 204 governors court, Cartersville-GA 30121.

its so col that I get to stay in the same area. a little less exciting when its with the same comp for another month an half. but what can you do...

I love this ward though that I'm serving in right now. it reminds me a lot of our ward back home. well except for the bishop that is here he kind keeps to himself he doesn't really speak to the missionaries. but that okay his wife still has some real good cooking.

Mom- did they figure out how to make you fly yet??? I need to get on to them about that!!! pronto!! ASAP, I need to have you around for all the fun stuff...

MOM I could really use a good hug right about now... I don't know why but ha I just got all teary eyed...... man I miss y'all so much!!! this Christmas is going to be pretty hard I'm not going to lie I'm probably going to cry when I Skype home.. I'm trying to old back the tears as week speak...

I just want you to know that I love you so much and i' grateful to have you apart of my life... thank you for everything!!!!!

I hope that this transfer will go well and that it ends well too.... I need this transfer to go as good as possible. Christmas isn't even here yet and I'm all ready tearing up. I really hope that have a great Christmas this year and that y'all love my gift that I got for y'all...

give max a huge hug and kiss for me and tell him that I love him.

one last thing can y'all please please have Collin over for Christmas this year. so that I can Skype with him as well. and if Rhett can please invite him over as well. then my Christmas will be pretty good :)

alright y'all I gotta get runnin. I love y'all so much merry Christmas and happy new year... let's make it a good one!!!!!

LOVE ALWAYS JOHNNY (Elder Black)       

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