Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 16, 2016

hey y'all,

so i did get a suit but that was back when President Harding was still here....i have been wearing it off and on because it is a pretty ugly suit at best :)

when the Foote's came into be our new mission President and his wife i was trying to pull off the suit that i came out here with for a little while, but then my huge missionary behind tore right through those pants....

haha it was a really big embarrassing day... my face got so red!!! so when the Foote's asked me when i got a new suit i told them that a member got it for me, because one really did he just isn't here any more, i just didn't tell them that part because i wasn't very fond of President Harding at all..... 

i laughed really hard when i read that y'all didn't like the place that y'all went to for Valentines day.... hahahahhahaha i about almost fell out of my computer chair.

it's true that i'm with a better companion this transfer, but will only be one transfer according to President Foote though he will be probably transferring me to to a full time car area because of my knee..

i talked with the mission doctor and he told me that if the knee doesn't get any better through physical therapy, and if they have to scheduled me for an MRI then he said that, that consist of a one way ticket home...

and so i asked him what it is that i can to do to prevent that from happening? he said that i can no longer be in a bike area which bummed me out, cause i love ridding my bike but it kills my knee to put any pressure on it while i'm peddling. so he talked with sister mason and with president Foote and they are trying to see what they can do to help me stay out here.

i went to my first PT last Tuesday, and the Physical therapist told me that prior to my surgery my knee was pretty solid and it was fine. also stating that after the surgery folks tend to baby that knee that they injured. basically "he called me a big baby" ha no but he did pick on me a lot in that session. so after the session was over he told me based on what he was seeing and feeling while he was playing around with my knee, he said that the knee is very weak now and the muscle's around it are pretty weak as well. he was confused on why it was that the church only pay's for three visit's, i told so was i on that stand point. but he did give me some home work and i tell ya what i don't think PT has ever hurt this much in my life. the stretches that he gave me really kill. 

i'm grateful that the mission is trying everything that they can do to help me, to stay out here and finish strong. i want more then ever to stay out here and to do the best that i can, as well as to continue working with those that we are teaching. i love doing this work. i love the people that are in the mission and for the many friendships that i have created. But if i had to come home because of this stupid knee injury.....

would y'all be upset with that decision?? please be honest with me!! i don't want that to be the case. i want to finish what i have started... i ant no Quitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i love y'all with all my heart. and i will always stand for what i believe in. i know that this the right thing that i need to be doing at this point in time. and i know that i have a lot of folks and family members that are counting on me to do what is right. i just need to know if i was to have to come home because of this injury that y'all would be okay with that.

I love y'all and i hope that everything go's well for y'all at home. have a great week


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