Tuesday, March 1, 2016

January 18, 2016

hey y'all another week come and gone.

i did look in the little stocking, i wear that tac on my suit when i wear it.

i'm glade that dad is getting better, now that he is getting more sleep. 

and that he gets to serve his own way and own version of his mission. 

its even more cool that if you really look at it we are serving at the same time. and if i look at it a certain way we will be returning at the same time!!

that is going to be the greatest day!!!

hey can y'all send me more pictures of the track and of the cars i'm pretty excited for this season even though i wont be there.

so i didn't get any sizes done for y'all because every store that I've gone to. I've asked them to measure me and either they don't understand Oregon or what but i haven't gotten them to do it yet so sorry about that.

and with the Wyman's I am still working on that because we are now only aloud to go over there twice a week, so i'll get that to you as soon as possible.

well y'all i love y'all so much and i hope that y'all have a fantastic week love always Johnny

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