Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 29, 2016

hey y'all,

its good to hear that all is well back home for all y'all.....

Dang what project did dad have to work on that kept out so late? was it cool?? how big was it??

so those dreams you've been having mom are totally false!!!!! block 'em out

I've been thinking about it as well and also had a dream about me coming home early.

it wasn't fun at all, yeah all my friends and everyone were still around but it just wasn't fun to be around them. I felt in this dream that something was missing.

so you can count on me coming home in February of 2017 on the 8th..... actually probably in march because of the push back of the MTC being 3 weeks instead of 2 i'll be home around the 14th and 15th...

but that's not important right now. I'm staying out and finishing strong.

being a self starter till the end.

this week though has been great, yeah some ups and downs but that's missionary life. its hard sometimes but I get through day regardless.

we were tracting in President and Sister Footes neighborhood and came across this long street, that had these massive houses on it.

we went up and knocked on this ladies house and she came to the door, but what was weird was this....

she came to the door and was like "I don't know who you are" we responded we are your missionaries, again she stated that she didn't know who we are.

so we said it again we are your missionaries. she had her friend come to the door and asked her if she thought we were safe, and wouldn't hurt them........

we stated that all we wanted to do was say a prayer with them. they opened the door and she said are you dog friendly I said yes I love dogs.

so this beautiful German short hair pointer came running up to us.... this dog was really smart and pretty. she invited us into her home.

asked another question, do y'all believe in the power of healing? we said yes, she then asked us another, do we believe in the laying on of hands?

we said yes. she then stated that she never lets strangers into her home.... and that she felt inspired to open the door unto us. that we had some kind of beautiful energy about us and that we filled her soul

we extended the invitation of a prayer after she told us that she has been suffering from a disease called midoconriact. and that her body has a very hard time staying standing for long periods at a time.

we left her with a prayer and a blessing included through that prayer... her eyes filled with tears. and brought a smile to my face, I don't know why but every single time that I say a prayer for someone they are always filled with tears afterwards. I really felt the spirit that day pretty strongly after we left her with that prayer, she stated that she was getting ready to move. we asked her wear and she said that her husband nd her bought a horse ranch on the other side of PTC. we extended our service to help them pack and move furniture for them and she again started to smile and tear up.... she said that they would love our help and then gave us a bottle of water and a hug, and we were on our way.

there was a couple more houses that we left prayers with and got return appointments with on that same street...

what was really weird and cool at the same time was that we ran into what was our bishops house, here in Peach Tree City, he literately lives in the white house... this house is huge and big plus its white so that's why its the white house..... he has a tennis court in his back yard and a huge pool, a full size basketball court, and some soccer nets. this house is three stories, has four car garage below the house, and there is a slide of the back side of the house to go down to the yard.... pretty sick.... but I guess that what a CEO and FOUNDER of a contracting company can get you... he has three daughters and one son...

this town is full of family's like this rich and living in huge houses..

ha well another week has just flown by but I can't wait to email y'all next week.... look on the bright side I'm getting tanner and mom your wings will be there before you know it :)

love y'all and hope that y'all have a great week.


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