Tuesday, March 1, 2016

December 28, 2015

alright y'all that was a great Christmas!!!!

I'm thankful that I was able to have the time that I did have. and thankful that I was able to talk with all y'all individually. thank you so much for the Christmas presents that I received I love them. we had a great Christmas conference that was previous of Christmas and really set the holiday spirit for all of us this year. I have such gratitude for the mission and for all that it has taught me in my life thus far. my testimony has definitely grown strong since I have left home.

this Christmas season we were able to have much success with our book of Mormon referrals and inviting those folks to baptism. we have a really solid family that we are teaching and they are progressing so good, with us and the lessons. my companion and I have worked hard together thus far and are planning on having a baptism along with praying for one this transfer. so far we have had luck and answers to prayers.

I have had the opportunity to have a conversation through prayer for some of the thoughts and questions that I have had. with answers that I have received I am thankful for the things that I do know about this gospel and for the opportunity to share it with others. I am thankful for the teaching that I received growing up as a young boy. and for the man that I am becoming. the power of prayer is so strong and has lead me along thus far in my life and through the holy ghost and reading the book of Mormon, my testimony will never be shaken. I know what is true.

I'm extremely happy that I was able to speak with y'all this Christmas over Skype that truly mad my whole day even more so Happy and exciting.

I'm grateful for the gifts tat I have gotten. I have felt the spirit so strongly this Christmas season and along with that I have been able to teach even more so through the spirit.

I'm pleased to be able to wear this name tag and to be called a missionary.

I want to thank you for being concerned with all the things tat I do, want you to know that I am well taken care of. I am eating well and trying to stay healthy. thank you for your concerns for my well being and for all of y'all praying it has helped out tremendously through out my mission here in the Atlanta Georgia mission.

I also want y'all to know that I am focused on the work that is at hand. I have been focused since day one, there has been home sickness here and there, but I have been focused. I want y'all to know that I have prayed long and hard both by my self and in the temple. I have received my answer and I have been doing my best to keep my end. I feel that as I am obedient and I am following the things that I need to while being out here that I will be blessed with out end.

the area is still the same as always except for the new family that we are teaching Liz Chubb and her family. they are progressing good and have committed to come to church this up coming Sunday. we are super excited for them and there opportunity in the gospel to learn and to grow as well as bring their family closer once again.

tell everyone back home in the word and all of those folks that have asked about me, that I am doing good and the mission field is great. tell them that I miss them and I am grateful that they have such love and respect towards me and as well as y'all. let bishop Peterson know that if there is a way that I could just email him my home coming talk in advance that would be awesome and that I could totally do that, I would have it to him in heart beat and then I would be covered.... hahaha he could read it off before I get home. no that probably wont happen but it was worth a try.

I love y'all with all my heart and am thankful to have y'all in my life. And I want to thank you y'all for all that you have givin me through out my life growing up. give max and lady a huge hug and kiss for me and tell James and Jillian that I love them and miss them.

how's McKenna doing have y'all hear any news??

and will y'all please tell everyone else that I said merry Christmas and happy new year.


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