Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 22, 2016

well another week, another transfer on its way of coming to an end.

so with the whole suit thing.... to be completely honest its getting a little smaller as i go on. the pants are becoming high waters and the jacket is getting to be a little to tight around the shoulders.

when i want to stretch it feels like i am going to tear it right up the back. i could really honestly use a new suit..

with my knee on the other hand it has felt a little better for past day an a half, but i did go to three physical therapy appointments two last week and on the previous week before that.

it hurts pretty bad, like a lot every now and again. all last week felt like my knee had a knife driving itself through under neath my knee.

i have tried so hard to keep pushing through and so far i have done that. last Thursday, i had to talk to the mission doctor who in my opinion both the mission doctor and sister mason are off their rocker!!

i told him what i have experienced  with me knee and he told me along with the PA at the doctors office, that i needed to no longer ride a bike. So i have been walking on it for a week. we finally got a car in this area and it will be here until i get transferred to another area. but the mission doctor said that if it gets worse then i would have to schedule an appointment for an MRI and if that were to happen, he said that it is an automatic ticket home!! so i asked in return what it was that i could do to prevent that from happening and he told me to stay off of it as much as possible. 

then he asked me if it pops, clicks, and or catches at all and i told it does that like all the time!!!! so then he told me that if gets any worse then to call sister mason. when i call sister mason all she ever says to do is drink more water and to take ibuprofen and to ice it. again my opinion, that does squat. in the end my knee still kills me and still pops as well as clicks all the time. in an out of the day.

but besides the point of my knee hurting, my week has been pretty good and you know how sister Foote told y'all that i have a good companion this transfer, "well to an extent"

my companion is a pretty big stiff when it comes to a lot of things.... we only listen to Mormon tabernacle Choir. and he has this stupid dog toy, thats a pig and he squeezes it every morning for our alarm!!!!

can i strangle him now?? :D no, but it kills me half the time and when he drives, he drives like almost ten under the speed limit. like we are on some kind of Sunday drive every day.

anyways he's a good missionary, he can just really get on my nerves all the time. not to mention he has something new every day that he makes up about me that he doesn't like.

who ever said that all your companions will have an attribute of your future spouse...... hahahaha yeah right if that the case i'm not getting married!!!:D

i have a couple pictures that i can send next week. i forgot my camera back at the apartment. but the area that i'm in is very rich. lots of people that work for air lines and other huge company's.

the work is coming and going through out the week. we finally had two folks come to church and two less actives are starting to come back.

i'm pretty glade that i'm not walking any more, because we didn't get to a tenth of our little tiny area on foot, it was hard. now that we have this little itty bitty red car we can finally go out and see people.

but, so dad's got some new boots right on what kind are they? are the Justin's or Double-H's what color are they? probably brown ha go figure they all are that color unless they are black........

round toe or square toe?? my boots are starting to get pretty worn down the heels are almost getting to that point that they might not make it, but we'll see. and i finally got around to polishing them again and now they look new..


well i hope that week go's good for y'all mom i told them that they just need to get you some rockets or some wings and then you would have to deal with this back pain... we'll see what they can do :) i put in a good word for ya.

alright well i hope that y'all have a good week and i love y'all talk to ya soon.

Love Always Johnny( Elder Black)

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