Tuesday, March 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

hey y'all a lot has happened hear in that past few days.

i'm now serving in Peach Tree City-Georgia 

my new address is 8207 Merrick Dr. 30265 

i like here I've wanted to serve here since I've arrived in the mission field.

although on a bad note my knee is really acting up on me in this area.

and what really sucks, is that my knee brace is falling apart on me and it doesn't really help much of anything.

my new companion's name is Elder Edwards, also from south Jordan Utah 

went to the same high school as my last companion Elder Argyle.

he is the youngest of six and he is totally a BYU nerd... when it comes to missionary work on the other hand i don't think i have ever seen anyone that is more of a teachers pet to the mission president... he's been a zone leader twice and a district leader three times since he's been out. he came out a transfer before i got out here.

it's cool that y'all are hanging out with Shelley and Darren and that Jillian is able to have fun.. really cool that you got to hold baby goats... wish i was back in a farming community, i'm in probably one of the most richest areas in the entire state... this little town is wear delta workers come to live as well as lawyers come to practice..

there are so many huge houses here i almost feel claustrophobic just tracting down there streets.. being in a full time bike area kind of stinks because of how my knee is feeling and as well as that i'm no longer on y'alls insurance which stinks because i can't go to a good doctors office to see what the heck is going on inside my knee, that's causing the pain. it only really hurts when i'm on the bike and i don't know why:'( 

the mission nurse gave me a couple of offices that i could try and call to make an appointment and every one that i've called and have given information that's on this little card the mission gave me.... they call me right back and tell me that they don't except that kind of insurance anymore, why i don't know but it sucks!!! 

i really regret getting that surgery in the first place then i would have to worry about this stupid knee being an issue. 

the new ward that i'm in is pretty cool very rich and the missionary work is slowly improving, we're trying to get the members back in check haha if only we had an easy button...."that was easy" that would be great.

well y'all i love all y'all so much and i really hope that this week go's well.

oh yeah any news on my suit?? just wondering... 

LOVE ALWAYS (Johnny) Elder Black

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