Tuesday, March 1, 2016

January 11, 2016

Transfers aren't until the 26th of this month and I don't know where I was at in that picture.. I know I was real close though, unless it was at the district leader meeting that both Elder Argyle and I were suppose to be at together, but we went on exchanges the day before... so that would be why you didn't see me in that picture.

 this week was so cool both the Carterville Elders and us had our appointments fall through so we decided to blitz our area here in Cassville

at this apartment complex and we found some of the greatest folks ever. both companionships/us we exchanged for that blitz and the each of us found at least 8 new investigator family's. and six of them are super solid.

we haven't seen at church just yet but are getting there.

the coolest thing that happened though, was that when we went and nocked on this one door this sweet little lady answered the door and invited us in. she has all of her four adult daughters living with here and each of them have at least six kids form different fathers witch is sad, but when we sat down the fifteen year old granddaughter, came up to her grandmother and said I want to go to there church and I guess this young girl has gone through some really rough patches in her life. with drugs and such along with getting kicked out of school. so everyone was like wow okay yeah lets go to church.... so we scheduled another return appointment with them. came back a few days later and taught them the first lesson and they all loved it and told us there story of growing up learning about Jesus Christ and being good and going to church. then they told us that as they got older they started to fall away. :( sad day.... but they all as they started having kids realized that something was missing in there lives. clearly the gospel of Jesus Christ!!! so we invited them to read and ponder and pray over the thing that they would be reading. out of the book of Mormon. so we gave them one and left them with a pretty strong pray and our testimony's along with tony one of the sisters recent converts, as well. and left.

hoping that this family see's what it is that they need to fallow and that they take it an run with it!!!

tell Brianna and Jacob that they are still in my prayers and that I hope that McKenna is doing well, as well as getting better/stronger.

this week has just been awesome for both my companionship and the Cartersville Elders.

and Its pretty cool as well as quick that y'all are already getting a new sister in the ward. haha is the strawberry blond one still going to be there???

just kidding...........

I got my hear cut but I for got my camera back at the apartment so I cant show y'all..... oh well next week. I will also try and get those measurements for the Wyman's table for you.

I hope that all go's well this week back home.

good luck this season at the track and could y'all please take lots of pictures of the races as well as the track for me.... please and thank you!



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