Tuesday, March 1, 2016

December 7, 2015

hey y'all

its so crazy that week's are just dropping off the calendar!!

its really good to hear that everyone is doing great.

bishop emailed me today and pretty much mad me cry...

told me that he was proud and grateful of the example that I have set for the ward, that everyone in the ward family has felt so many miracles happen since me and the other two missionary's have left and gone.

its crazy.... how so many little things have happened and seem like they are major..... other then that I'm so grateful that all is well back at home

well fam.... this week has been up and down and around.... the Christmas devotional was the greatest I loved every minute of it... I think I was the only one that didn't fall asleep at one point... that whole time.

this week we finally get to go and listen to Elder Jeffery R. Holland  this Saturday at the Brocket building my kind of old stomping grounds... I'm super excited and so stoked to hear from him we get to shake his hand.... I think I'm going to get a selfy with him.... hahaha yeah probably shouldn't do that but I'm going to try....

well y'all this week will hopefully continue to get better and the maybe the sun wil stay out while its at it... tel the ward that I said hi and also don't let dad give the missionary's a hard time... just kidding tell him to give them lots!!!

I gotta get runnin here In a few minute gotta email the Mission President and then we are outta here... going to play some volleyball down at a place called lake point.. in Emerson Georgia totally coming back to that they have a wake park as well its really to bad that we aren't aloud to play in water I miss it so much...

alright well I love y'all so much and hope to hear from y'all soon LOVE JOHNNY   

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