Tuesday, March 1, 2016

January 4, 2016

hey y'all,

this week has been great with the new year we were all able to share our new years resolution over a zone call... ha that was interesting with out saying. there was a lot of funny ones although there was also a lot of very good ones. mine was to give out at least 75 book of Mormons but at most I don't know so many. my other one was to make sure that I work out every morning.

so in my area we have as a district 2 folks on date for baptism and 4 more that are working their way to the top as well.

we have transfer on the 27th of this month and to be honest I'm ready for a change of seen.... being the same area for almost 5 months is a long time.

I hit my year mark in my next transfer!!!! "yeah buddy" 

we went tracting two days ago and found eight people that wanted us to come back, and we went over there yesterday Sunday afternoon and had some of the best lessons that I've had since I got in this area. the spirit was pretty strong in those lessons. we now have at least five new and pretty solid investigators. that are progressing really well.

this Monday feels so weird for some odd reason........... it feels like I haven't spoken to y'all In a very long time. and I almost feel like I've been away from home for what is a very short time but feels like a really long time.

its good to hear of all the changes that are happening with family.

I'm super glade to hear that McKenna is getting well taken care of. and that they are trying to figure out what they need to do. And its crazy that now every one is move towards Oregon. hahaha its the promise land for sure!!!

dang uncle Ethan has lost over 100 lbs that's really good.

aunt Josey said awhile back that when I come home, I wouldn't be able to recognize him at all.... cause he's been workin out!

right on that's good.

so other then that not much has changed?

everything else is still the same?

well that's good I'm glade to hear that.

so I know I got some really cool things that I said I needed for Christmas.

and they are great things I wear them all the time now. but............

I really really need a new suit there is a bunch of great looking suits here in town and in a couple different stores. but the suit I have now is getting to be a little to small and its starting to kill me every time I put it on. my back is getting a little bit more broad and my shoulders are getting bigger to.

luckily my shirts still kind of fit well some of them do. I could really use a couple new shirts as well. I don't want to seem needy at all but if there was one thing that I really need it would be those. my shoes are doing fine I got some new shoe laces so that's not a problem. I'm down to three pairs of tracting slacks because of all this great southern food, haha but other then those few things I'm doing good.
I have gone and got my flew shot it sucked cause I think I have a cold now, but no big deal.

the weather is getting colder they keep telling us that we are suppose to have snow on the ground by January 14th but we highly doubt it..... I guess we'll find out when it gets here. my thermals do wonders and are some what keeping me warm. I just have to put another lair on. my bike has frosted over through out the night and it is hard to peddle some times in the mornings, but that's a great exercise for your legs. its awesome let me tell ya. I slipped twice and ate turf pretty bad but now I learned not to peddle so hard on ice like peddles. wish I had clips.

that's pretty much the low down for this week and last week combined.

I have a couple recent photos to share their not the greatest but they will do. love always johnny  

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