Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 6, 2015

well I'm in the same area for another six weeks transfers are tomorrow but I don't get to go haha cause I'm staying :)

we are have our baptism this week can't wait and we have two more family's on date for two weeks down the road.

how's the cars coming along?

is my truck still exciting?? Mom the weirdest food that I've had so far is hation food, I had grits for the first time and I like them more so with brown sugar and butter with alittle bit of chocolate chips :) hation food is not he greatest but I ate it mainly because well I didn't want to be rude and I 'll eat anything thing y'all know that :) man it rained off an on this week back home I wish it would rain here..... its just getting hotter and hotter my tan is starting to come back and I'm starting to talk pretty funny haha. my companion say's hi.

we where suppost to go to a members house for conference on Easter but they past a rule that we had to watch conference at the church. Conference was a mazing guess what I didn't fall asleep haha yea :) I took a lot of useful note and a lot stood out to me. me favorite talks were from elder Holland about a brothers love and that leap of faith. my other favorite talk was when that first lady talked on Saturday how she talked about family's and how a priesthood holder or a man does not have more love for his spouse/wife then when he fulfills his priesthood authority by fulfilling his callings and living worthily to hold the priesthood. I really liked those talks. we had a brunch Easter morning It was really good like wow I had raspberry's and we were eating out side in the members yard it brought back a lot of childhood memories of picking berry's at grandpa bob's house when James and I where little. I love raspberry's and then for Easter dinner we went to another members house and we had raw milk it was soooo good  and we had turkey and ham with fresh green beans out of their garden that was good. this weekend was not only really spiritual but is was probably one of the best Easter weekends that I have ever had.  that would be really cool if y'all found another dog like MAX so that we could have puppy's I would love that I'm happy to hear that he's doing good and that he's healthy. how are James and Jillian doing? what have they been up to lately in school and sports? I can't wait for mothers day to Skype home and talk with my momma! I miss you all and love you soooooooooooooo much!!

can't wait to see what all is in my box when it finally gets here.

love always Johnny    

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