Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 13, 2015

I didn't get eny pictures :( but I glade y'all are doing great I still cant believe that y'all got a cat....

haha that crazy that Mr. Mulkey got fired haha that's kinda funny no one liked him and dang Mr. Holland is leaving that was fast I wander who the next principle is going to be?

 that's great mom that your legs are feeling better and that you are able to walk at the track I can't wait to Skype home here in a few weeks!!! I'm so excited.

I hope y'all find a another dog for MAX to have puppy's that would be awesome.

and Jillian is in a play what is the play called?

dang dad smurf is running again hahah that's gonna be something :) send me some videos of some of your races. I hope that my truck's still hanging around :) give max a hug for me, still waiting for that package to arrive. I really need that card y'all are putting together for me for food. and if you could possible send something to help budget my money better for food that will help.

I love you all so very much and miss you!

our baptisms are coming along I haven't had my first baptism yet we had to tell them because we as well as the ward felt that they aren't ready so we saw them yesterday and asked them to be honest with us and tell us if they were ready they said now so we went through all the lessons twice and got nowhere they still don't know who joseph smith and it doesn't help that they can't read and have a learning disability.

so we ask them to commit to two things one was to start having family home evening and teaching at least one of the lessons that we have gone over so that they can have a better under standing on everything. and two was to pray as a family on there baptismal date so that we don't keep setting one up for them to achieve for and end up not knowing squat that we've taught them.

enyways that's pretty much what my week consist of.

love you all and miss you!!!!


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