Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 20, 2015

that was almost a novel haha just kidding, but I'm super glad that everything is going well back home. the mission has changed my life tremendously. I'm so grateful to be leading by an example for not only my siblings but also all of my cousins. its really cool that you are able to walk around the track every time your there mom that's exciting to know that when I come home we can go on walks. dang I told you that we are not cat people haha just kick dad in the butt for being a softy and bring them home. :) jk don't do that but it is his fault :)    

so dad there are three new drivers now who are they and are they any good? well I guess you'll find that out on Saturday when y'all have your practice man excited to hear how the season is going once it starts up again. I'm glad to hear that my truck isn't going anywhere haha that makes me happy. I hope that your car does better for you this time around during the season take video of this season and the next so I can watch them when I come home.

did y'all get any names from grandpa on where our relatives live over here in Georgia so that when and if I'm in the area I can possibly drop in and teach them but also say hi.

nice my package is here I'll probably get it tomorrow at the temple I get to finally attend I've been waiting since I got here to get the chance to go.

this transfer is almost over and I'm either staying here in the same area our getting transferred out to another area. pretty exciting.

Mom the few things that I want you to do for me when y'all go down to New Mexico is (1.) give everyone there a huge hug for me and let them know how I'm doing. (2.) take a picture with everyone and send it out this way that would be cool to have of everyone.( 3.) can you send me a aggies sweatshirt or a Arizona diamondbacks sweatshirt that would be really awesome . and last but not least (4.) some rocky mountain chocolate man I miss that stuff :) that's pretty much it.

give max a hug and a kiss for me.

I love you all and miss you so much talk to you soon god bless.


(Elder Black)   

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