Monday, March 9, 2015

March 9, 2015

here some pics from the mtc I'm trying to get the ones off my camera so far of the mission field i'll send them soon:) I got to see the out side of the temple here its beautiful but yet so far away from my apartment. my companion Elder Marceline says hollow to all.  my week has been a lot better sense the blessing and from all the prayers that I've felt over the past couple of days. mom and dad I love you both very much and I miss you guys a lot I know that the mission is going to do a lot not just for me but also the people that I teach and come in contact with I sent some letters home I hope ya'll got them. yesterday I had my first person bash with me for like an hour but in the end I barred my testimony and shared a lot of scriptures with that person and through the spirit I don't know how but I gave that person a book of Mormon they took it and then I told that person to pray and to ponder on what I had told them they walked away with a desire and a change of heart to learn more we have another appointment with that person next Tuesday I'm excited to go and teach them. I love this work and I love the lord I can admit that I have changed into a better person sense I have left home and gone out to serve heavenly father this is a marvelous work indeed the gospel is true there has been so many miracles that have happened sense I have been here we have so many people in direr need of our help and teachings I love tracking and knocking on doors my companion on the other hand does not so I have to motivate him to do so some how :) sitting down in some ones home is great but I feel that working with the members and going out and visiting family's plus knocking on doors is so muck fun I love doing it plus as you all know I like to talk a lot so that helps me in a way like a lot haha you would think that I would get annoying to some people or maybe they just like to talk to :) idk haha I'm gonna try and send ya'll a lot more pictures the computer that l'm using only let's me send alittle at a time I love you all and miss you greatly

Love Johnny (ELDER BLACK) 

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